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On April 7th, 2009, posted in: Miscellaneous by 0 Comment

We have become a global community. Today it’s easy to connect and network with like minded people across the world via tools like email and FaceBook. Here at Organic Comfort Zone, we have been having fun with our new FaceBook fan page. It gives us a chance to communicate on a personal level with many..

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Hey Everyone… Now you can Follow Us on Facebook

On April 1st, 2009, posted in: Miscellaneous by 0 Comment

Become a Friend and Fan of the Organic Comfort Zone! Get organic sleep tips, contests for free stuff, learn about exclusive sales and more! But the best part is we can connect with you better so come visit and say “HI” 🙂

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American Made, Organic Eco-Vegan Mattress Sale Extended

On March 31st, 2009, posted in: Natural Bedroom by 0 Comment

With growing economic concerns here in the United States, many of us are forced into rethinking our purchases in order to protect our standard of living, which by all accounts, seems to be slipping downward. American made still means quality; it still makes economic sense to purchase home-grown products. It’s good for America and good..

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Lights out for Earth Hour

On March 27th, 2009, posted in: Miscellaneous by 0 Comment

Organic Comfort Zone has made the pledge… and we’ll be at the shop tomorrow night to turn out our lights for an hour. Please consider joining the world for this great event. Turn out. Take action. Be part of this historic event. March 28, 2009, 8:30 pm local time World Wildlife Fund is asking individuals,..

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The CozyPure® Eco-Vegan Organic Mattress Collection is now available at great introductory SALE prices!

On March 11th, 2009, posted in: Natural Bedroom by 0 Comment

Our new “Eco-Vegan” collection, features quality components – with NO animal by-products, like wool. 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton damask fabric in sophisticated colorgrown-sage stripe (no dyes), quilted to our vegan batting derived from plant-based fibers which meet federal regulation FR codes. No prescription required! Inside components feature durable natural latex support and comfort layers. Our..

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Customers Say It Best

On March 6th, 2009, posted in: Natural Bedroom by 0 Comment

The real “pay-off” for being part of the CozyPure® family is getting positive feedback from our customers – whether it’s about our wonderful organic mattresses, pillows or other bedding. Folks are letting us know that they are happy and appreciate all the hard work we do here. Here’s a comment that I just got from..

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Green Tidings February Green Tidings

On February 25th, 2009, posted in: Green Living by 0 Comment

Founder / owner of Organic Comfort Zone / CozyPure®, Cheryl Hahn is considered an expert in the field of organics – folks are always asking her questions and consulting with her. With nearly 20 years of research and experience under her belt, Cheryl has earned a place of respect. Now she has her own monthly..

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Sleep Well, Sleep Safe and Pleasant Dreams!

On February 24th, 2009, posted in: Miscellaneous, Natural Bedroom by 0 Comment

Now, more than ever it’s important to get a good night’s sleep. Everyday stressors are magnified. Economic, global warming and health issues are some of today’s concerns that wear us down, causing us to feel weak and tired. Natural, healthy sleep is when our bodies recharge, restore and regenerate. Where and what we sleep on..

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Everything’s Green on St Patty’s Day!

On February 24th, 2009, posted in: Green Living, Miscellaneous by 0 Comment

GREEN TIDINGS column by Cheryl Hahn – Virginian Pilot, March 14, 2009 Everyone’s Irish and everything’s green on St Patty’s Day! Green hair, green beer and green food are common traditions, so why not take “green” to the next level? Many people celebrate the holiday cooking at home for friends and family, singing Irish songs..

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An Important Time to be Alive

On February 18th, 2009, posted in: Miscellaneous by 0 Comment

What an important time to be alive. Our world is in critical condition and it is during our watch that things must be changed to prevent further deterioration and create a path towards restoration. For every action, there is a reaction, whether it is positive, negative or neutral. Every choice of purchase and disposal makes..

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