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To “Zzzz” or not to “Zzzz”

On September 26th, 2006, posted in: Miscellaneous by 0 Comment

I had a very interesting call today about our organic percale bedding sheets. The customer is so excited about his new sheets that he recently ordered. He was surprised how good he’s been sleeping lately. He said “I’d never imagined that such a simple set of organic bed sheets could affect the quality of my..

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Photo Shoots and Mayhem

On September 22nd, 2006, posted in: Miscellaneous by 0 Comment

We had another photo shoot today. A few toddlers running around – cute as they were, it was hard to grab a photo without the BLUR factor. But we did find one of the little girl, early on in the session. It is somewhat serene, and it works. So, we’ll go with that for the..

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We’ve Come A Long Way Baby . . .

On September 20th, 2006, posted in: Organic Apparel & Textiles by 0 Comment

Organic Cotton has come a long way, and we think this is wonderful. The fact that there are now famous celebrities joining the cause, and getting the word out, helps tremendously. Choosing organic cotton makes a lot of sense. It’s a premium fiber that feels soft against your skin, but more than that, it’s a..

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Walmart slave labor takes away USA jobs

On September 18th, 2006, posted in: Miscellaneous, Organic Apparel & Textiles by 0 Comment

<font face=”Arial”>US consumers continue to fund China’s military modernization, even as they erode their own economy and employment at home. Even worse, Wal-Mart shoppers are supporting forced labor camps where the healthiest inmates are executed for “organ harvesting”. Wal-Mart also buys heavily from slave labor manufacturing zones, where women workers are typically paid 3 cents..

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USA Textiles – Once Upon a Time

On September 16th, 2006, posted in: Organic Apparel & Textiles by 0 Comment

U.S. textile plants are often located in small rural communities in the Southeast and often represent the major source of employment and taxes for many towns and cities. When a textile mill closes, the entire community feels the ramifications, with local businesses, churches and government being hurt. The industry is a primary employer of women..

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Tape tape tape the box

On September 15th, 2006, posted in: Miscellaneous by 0 Comment

You know around here, I don’t sing row row row your boat. I prefer tape tape tape the box. And the stronger the tape the better! We had a bad batch of tape not long ago… couldn’t wait to get the real stuff. Good tape means our customers get their items in great condition. That’s..

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We gonna rock down to Eco -Avenue

On July 9th, 2006, posted in: Organic Apparel & Textiles by 0 Comment

Just a familiar 80’s song with an eco-twist… and without the big hair. We’re proud to announce our new eco line of Home Textiles and Apparel will soon be called “EcoAveUSA”. Previous to this, you may have goods with our “Tom’s Greenthumb” label, which we’ve produced for a few years now. The thing is, we..

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Catalog Greetings!

On November 5th, 2005, posted in: Miscellaneous by 0 Comment

Ask any of my friends. I love my black tees. I have about twenty of them. My favorite? Well, of course, our women’s organic cotton scoopneck. It’s so soft and it fits perfec-tee-ly. Anyone that doesn’t know me probably thinks I wear the same old shirt everday. I once read it’s a sign of genius..

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How Safe Is Your Mattress?

On September 12th, 2005, posted in: Natural Bedroom by 0 Comment

We don’t use PBDE’s or other chemicals, so. . . you may wonder how we can offer these chemical-free mattresses without comprising fire safety, and that’s definitely something you need to consider when purchasing a mattress free of chemical flame retardants. We can’t speak for every natural mattress manufacturer, but in our case, we’ve carefully..

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Welcome to our “New” Blog!

On June 9th, 2005, posted in: Miscellaneous by 0 Comment

We now have this “new” blog up and running. Hope you like it. We’ll try to move our archives of “letters” and “tidbits” over to this site a little at a time. But for now, this is the new place we’ll be posting news, articles, and random ramblings!

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