This August 9th is Book Lovers Day and CozyPure®  is having a contest to celebrate.  We are awarding a grab-bag of books to the best blog comment about what you read before you go to sleep.

Do you read before you go to sleep? Reading a book before going to sleep is a ritual for all ages, from classic fairytales we read to children, to best-selling novels we savor as an adult. According to experts, some light reading can be relaxing and help you get a good night’s sleep.

To enter our contest, please leave a comment below this blog post and tell us about what you read before sleeping.

We want to hear your stories. Tell us about the type of books you like to read before sleeping. Do you like fiction or non-fiction? Do you like soothing stories or something scary and thrilling?

Celebrate Book Lovers Day!You can tell us about how you read before sleeping. Do you read in bed or in a favorite chair? If you read in bed, how do you make yourself comfortable? What kind of lighting do you use? Do you use a lamp or do you use a portable book light?

We also want your book recommendations. Do you have a favorite book you read over and over again that helps you get into a sleepy mood? A favorite author? We know there are plenty of different answers out there. Leave a blog comment and we will pick our favorite…. so be descriptive, just like you were writing a book!

Our contest runs until August 30th, then we will pick our favorite comment and send the author a grab bag of different books. You don’t have to buy anything to qualify. Just leave a comment below this blog post sharing YOUR STORY about your favorite bedtime reading (genre, lighting, pillow props, comfortable reading position, etc). We will contact you through e-mail if you win and arrange to have your prize sent to you.

Celebrate Book Lover’s Day this August 9th and share with us your favorite bedtime books!


12 Responses to Celebrate Book Lovers Day 2013 – Leave a Blog Comment and Win Books!
  1. Thanks for all the GREAT comments everyone! This was a hard choice but ultimately we all decided on Jojo’s entry which gave such enjoyable details… almost like reading a little short story. Jojo we’ve sent you an email to arrange for shipping so we need your address.

    Thank you all for the wonderful entries and happy reading to all you book lovers :)

  2. I love to read in bed after a long day of running around. It is best after a nice warm shower, moisturizing lotion, and putting comfortable pjs. I usually pull out my kindle and choose whatever strikes me. Sometimes it is as short as Rumi’s poetry. Sometimes I am in Chile with Isabel Allende. It just depends. Sometimes one minute, sometimes 30 minutes, but it is always nice to fall asleep to beautiful images, and flowery words before my body decides to rest.

  3. I love getting into bed, getting my pillows arranged just so and relaxing with a book before drifting off to sleep. I read quite a lot of complex documents during the day, so it is a treat to finish my evening by tucking into a delicious novel. I especially love something with a great story line and exciting, conflicted characters. Maybe it’s a piece of classic literature or maybe a new novel actually written for young adults. As long as it pulls me away from the stress of the day, and keeps me entertained, it’s a wonderful way to relax before dozing off.

  4. Life is so busy, the only time I can read is before bed and have some quiet time to myself. I don’t actually have a genre I stick with, I just go through my stacks of books and see which one I feel like exploring. Sometimes I spend a long time going back and forth reading the descriptions unable to settle with one, at times just doesn’t match the vibe I’m in. Lately been trying to read fill up my READING BINGO card, although I started strong, it’s been harder to get into a few of the books I thought I was interested in. I just get distracted and want to start another book, I guess I am going through a bedtime reading funk.

    I make sure to “make my bed” have my 5 pillows propped and arranged as back support against the headboard and turn on my 2 night lights, cozy in my layers of blankies and start my reading routine. My reading position is sitting upright against my pillows and often sporting a facial mask. There I start to read and often read way past the appropriate bedtime always telling myself “to stop after the end of the current chapter” but continue to peek on to the next chapter. At times I do light a candle giving off a Skittles berry scent or a nice melon aroma accompany my reading time.

    The types of genre I read are mostly fiction, mostly supernaturals, gothic literature and some memoirs. YA books seems to be a huge trend lately and I gotta say I really can’t help, but get into them once I start. Yes, I became a sucker for “Twilight” and the “Hunger Games”. My next stop is “Divergent”. I find that I am still into hardcopy prints, I do have a Kobo eReader, but nothing compares to holding a Lysoled book (Yes I am a Germaphobe) and slipping a bookmark in and sliding the book next to my headboard before I call it a night.

    Not sure about the others, but sometimes I read into the wee hours of the night to the point I start to black out and I nod off, which basically means the following night I have to reread the last few pages not able to recall reading any of it the night before when I was falling asleep. How many of you have dreamt of something relating to what you had been reading?

    I have to admit, reading “scary, thriller” themed books does make me nervous especially before bed. Having an interest in Alcatraz, I really want to start reading “Escape From Alcatraz”, but I am nervous it might give me nightmares, better stick with, “The 100-Year-Old Man…”.

    …So that’s my bedtime story!

  5. I like to read magazines like E Magazine, Fortune, or Time. Nothing too in depth, since I'm usually out quickly with our CozyPure mattress! As far as books I love a good nonfiction series. Something I can't put down.

  6. I love to read in bed when I can't sleep. It really depends on my mood.. lately it has been mysteries and Amish romances.. although romances are always good and light. I do find going to sleep easier on my Noodle pillow.. I will need to get another one soon. :)

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  8. Leave a comment and you might win some books!

  9. I love to read mysteries in bed, especially historical thrillers! I find that not only are they the most interesting genre, but they tend to give me fun dreams as well. Sometimes I'll even dream about the book and figure things out in my sleep! It's a very satisfying feeling, one you just can't get from watching tv before bed. :-)

  10. William Max Ammerman No, Bill I haven't. I don't want to ruin the picture in my mind of the story.

  11. Have you ever seen the movie, "Quo Vadis"?

  12. I'm glad you asked this question! I have struggled for a lifetime with sleep issues. Either it is difficult to get to sleep, or I awaken too early and cannot fall back to sleep. I have found some things, however, that help me fall asleep.
    First, I found that I cannot sleep if I use my computer or watch TV within one hour of bed. I read that these 'blue' screens reset your melatonin and make it harder to fall asleep. My husband can fall asleep anytime and anywhere, so he watches more TV as I conduct my evening ritual.
    Second, I try a relaxing soak in my bathtub with some essential oils that are soothing, like lavender and chamomile. I perform my nightly facial and dental cleanliness duties, followed by a slathering of potions for my skin.
    Third, I turn back my crisp, natural Cozy Pure sheets and slip into their sun-dried, cool surroundings, settling down with my Kindle. I turn on the low light of a bedside lamp, and also my book light that is in my Kindle case.
    I love to read historic and romance fiction novels. I try to steer clear of anything that will get me too revved up, or I won't fall asleep. Favorite books are classics like The Count of Monte Cristo, by Alexander Dumas; romance books by writers like Debbie Macomber and Jude Devereaux; historic fiction by writers like Francine Rivers and Julie Klassen, and Janette Oke and her stories of early west, or Liz Curtis Higgs and her tales of Scotland; and Ken Follett's Pillars of the Earth series. I have also found all the books by Robert Whitlow to be superb. He is a lawyer-turned-writer in the line of John Grisham, so his stories are legal thrillers. I also love anything by Nicholas Sparks. My favorite book of all time, however, one that I read again and again, is Quo Vadis by Henryk Sienkiewicz. It is about the time of Nero in Ancient Rome. It is long and complicated and sure to send you into deep slumber. The characters are memorable, the story fascinating, and it is altogether a great read.

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