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Mattress Warranty Confusion

On August 18th, 2007, posted in: Natural Bedroom by 0 Comment

I read an interesting article today that cited how people put off buying a mattress until the last minute. This is so true. We have many folks call at the last minute, in their final desperation, to find a new mattress so they can get a good night’s sleep. That’s because a mattress is something..

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Organic Mattress: ANNUAL SALE

On May 10th, 2007, posted in: Natural Bedroom by 0 Comment

It’s our annual sale on CozyPure organic mattresses! We have an agreement with our suppliers that once a year they give us a discount, which we extend to our cutomers. This year we picked the month of May since it’s National Better Sleep month. What better way to get better sleep…. than to get yourself..

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Cut & Sew Expansion is Underway for EcoAveUsa and CozyPure Organic Bedding

On May 3rd, 2007, posted in: Natural Bedroom, Organic Apparel & Textiles by 0 Comment

Tomorrow we’ll have a demo crew on-site to tear down walls and expand our cut & sew department. We’re taking out the full size kitchen since no one uses it anyway. It’s funny because originally we were so excited to have this huge kitchen, complete with oven, wrap-around counters and cabinets, etc. Heck, we cook..

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Kiss your sweetheart on our organic mattresses!

On February 14th, 2007, posted in: Natural Bedroom by 0 Comment

Last month we mailed a year-at-a-glance calendar to our customers featuring monthly specials, as well as our all-season organic comfort basics. We called the February sale the “Sweetheart Special” since it features organic mattresses (queen and king size) at $150 OFF. Our CozyPure organic mattresses and bedding are made from wonderful natural and organic materials,..

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Organic Pillows: Kapok and more

On January 4th, 2007, posted in: Natural Bedroom by 0 Comment

Kapok filling has been around for decades. It’s extremely soft and fluffy and is derived from the kapok tree “pods”, sometimes referred to as silk java. I have every one of our pillows on my bed. Pillows are VERY personal, and hard to recommend. It’s easier to help folks with mattresses, believe it or not...

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All the info you need for Organic Bedding….

On October 12th, 2006, posted in: Natural Bedroom by 0 Comment

The new and improved CozyPure website is full of great information on organic bedding. We’re really proud to see how many details we’ve been able to add to the site for our customers benefit. We’ve included lots of information in regards to the many questions you all have and it is our hope to be..

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Chemicals and Breast Cancer

There was an interesting article in “Ms.” Magazine about breast cancer targeted to geographical areas. Apparently certain parts of the country are at higher risk because of the surrounding environment (and the chemicals). Of specific interest: “Some researchers maintain… that it reflects the advent of many new synthetic chemicals after World War II, including petrochemicals..

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How Safe Is Your Mattress?

On September 12th, 2005, posted in: Natural Bedroom by 0 Comment

We don’t use PBDE’s or other chemicals, so. . . you may wonder how we can offer these chemical-free mattresses without comprising fire safety, and that’s definitely something you need to consider when purchasing a mattress free of chemical flame retardants. We can’t speak for every natural mattress manufacturer, but in our case, we’ve carefully..

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How to make a bed

On October 26th, 2004, posted in: Natural Bedroom by 0 Comment

Europeans are often shocked to see a bed made-up first thing in the morning. It is standard practice in Western Europe to let the bed *breathe* in the morning. The comforter is turned back to allow body moisture and odors to escape from the mattress via air circulation.

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What are PBDEs anyway?

On March 28th, 2004, posted in: Natural Bedroom by 0 Comment

Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers, or PBDEs, are chemical additives that reduce the flammability of everyday items, such as computer casings, carpet pads, cushions and mattresses. In recent years, scientists have discovered that: PBDEs leach out of the items to which they were added and enter the environment. PBDEs are showing up in the air, soil and..

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