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The Comforter – “Mary’s” Story

On October 7th, 2009, posted in: Natural Home by 0 Comment

I spoke with a young lady a few days ago that made me stop and think about my spending habits. She had visited Organic Comfort Zone about a year before and fallen in love with our Amaizing Wool Comforters. She explained that even though she loved our cuddly product and all of the wonderful virtues..

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“Natural Habitat”

On January 5th, 2009, posted in: Miscellaneous, Natural Home by 0 Comment

As a child, I remember a special trip taken with my parents to the famous San Diego Zoo. Wide-eyed and fascinated, I stared at the large array of animals – and they stared back at me. I stood in amazement and wonder but also contemplated their quality of life as they were confined to cages..

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Get Naked

On January 28th, 2005, posted in: Green Living, Natural Home by 0 Comment

It’s official. We’ve finally decided on a name for our soap and body care line: Naked Spa…. Ingredients so natural they may as well be naked. We use the bare essentials for the various items. Our bar soaps are USDA certified organic. Yippee! And the only preservative is natural rosemary. Our hemp clay mask and..

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Household cleaning

On September 13th, 2004, posted in: Miscellaneous, Natural Home by 0 Comment

Enjoying a natural lifestyle doesn’t mean less choices. It means less hazardous substances that can be toxic and leave behind odorous fumes. It means choosing natural cleaning tools containing no harmful or dangerous chemicals. It also means having the confidence that the product not only does the job right, but it does the job safely...

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