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Organic Comfort Catwalk

It was a gorgeous day at Mt Trashmore Sunday! The weather was wonderful which is so important for outdoor events. The models had fun strutting their stuff to our Chill Out Naturally® song (15 minute rock version), and they looked great. Here’s some pics of them wearing our EcoAveUsa organic cotton sleepwear and hugging the..

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CozyPure® Organic Mattresses Introduces Amaizing Wool

On August 29th, 2007, posted in: Natural Bedroom, Organic Apparel & Textiles by 0 Comment

WE LOVE WOOL: Ohhh… what a wonderful natural fiber! We’ve been using wool in our natural mattresses for over 15 years. It wicks away moisture keeping the body at an ideal temperature during sleep. It’s also breathable and resistant to molds, mildews and dust mites. Because of it’s ability to self-extinguish it’s often used as..

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Cut & Sew Expansion is Underway for EcoAveUsa and CozyPure Organic Bedding

On May 3rd, 2007, posted in: Natural Bedroom, Organic Apparel & Textiles by 0 Comment

Tomorrow we’ll have a demo crew on-site to tear down walls and expand our cut & sew department. We’re taking out the full size kitchen since no one uses it anyway. It’s funny because originally we were so excited to have this huge kitchen, complete with oven, wrap-around counters and cabinets, etc. Heck, we cook..

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Oprah says: Take action with reusable canvas grocery bags

On April 23rd, 2007, posted in: Miscellaneous, Organic Apparel & Textiles by 0 Comment

If Oprah says it… it must be true! Funny how folks always listen to the media voices. We’ve offered reusable canvas shopping bags for 15 years, and they’ve always been popular…. but when Oprah had a special “green” show and encouraged people to take their own bags to the market, the orders for our bags..

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EcoGreen & Clean: Organic Undies by EcoAveUsa

On March 9th, 2007, posted in: Organic Apparel & Textiles by 0 Comment

Well… Our new organic cotton undies for women are a big hit. For years, we carried a label out of Canada which began the demise in service and quality, so we called our partnership quits with them last year. We started sampling prototypes of our own line a few months ago – yes made in..

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Our Organic Waffle Weave Towels hit the BIG SCREEN!!!

On February 18th, 2007, posted in: Organic Apparel & Textiles by 0 Comment

We recently received a web order for 24 organic cotton waffle weave bath towels and my first thought was this must be a “typo”, I emailed the customer to verify the amount and sure enough he needed 24 and has since ordered more. He said they would be used as props in the upcoming movie..

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Natural Fibers for Comfort

On January 8th, 2007, posted in: Organic Apparel & Textiles by 0 Comment

There is probably nothing that compares to the beauty of natural fibers: Flax Linen, Hemp, Bamboo, Tencel, Wool, Cotton… of course, organic cotton is even better given a choice. It can actually be quite difficult to find clothing and bedding made from 100% natural fibers. These days, most items are produced using synthetic materials, or..

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Chemicals and Breast Cancer

There was an interesting article in “Ms.” Magazine about breast cancer targeted to geographical areas. Apparently certain parts of the country are at higher risk because of the surrounding environment (and the chemicals). Of specific interest: “Some researchers maintain… that it reflects the advent of many new synthetic chemicals after World War II, including petrochemicals..

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We’ve Come A Long Way Baby . . .

On September 20th, 2006, posted in: Organic Apparel & Textiles by 0 Comment

Organic Cotton has come a long way, and we think this is wonderful. The fact that there are now famous celebrities joining the cause, and getting the word out, helps tremendously. Choosing organic cotton makes a lot of sense. It’s a premium fiber that feels soft against your skin, but more than that, it’s a..

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Walmart slave labor takes away USA jobs

On September 18th, 2006, posted in: Miscellaneous, Organic Apparel & Textiles by 0 Comment

<font face=”Arial”>US consumers continue to fund China’s military modernization, even as they erode their own economy and employment at home. Even worse, Wal-Mart shoppers are supporting forced labor camps where the healthiest inmates are executed for “organ harvesting”. Wal-Mart also buys heavily from slave labor manufacturing zones, where women workers are typically paid 3 cents..

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