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On September 13th, 2007, posted in: Miscellaneous by 0 Comment

The following fun tidbit is from the CozyPure® website and catalog: It is said that an Indian woman once stumbled across a tree that had white teardrops. She believed that the tree was crying — but we know today that those tears were simply the natural sap seeping from the bark of the Rubber Tree...

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Pedal Power for our Natural Latex Rubber Pillowtop

On September 6th, 2007, posted in: Miscellaneous, Natural Bedroom by 0 Comment

This comes from Mike in Seattle, WA: A few weeks ago, i ordered your CozyPure Natural Rubber Pillowtop – Queen, It arrived last week and i love it. Thanks. On the phone i mentioned that i am car free and that i expected to get it home (4 miles, up a big hill) by bicycle..

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The 11th Hour: Why are we waiting?

On August 30th, 2007, posted in: Miscellaneous by 0 Comment

Drought. Famine. Severe flooding. Record rainfall. Hurricanes. Acid rain. The highest average temperatures in recorded history. Catastrophe is reported on the nightly news as isolated incidents. But are these incidents isolated, or pieces of a larger global puzzle that could unlock humanity’s future? Are these changes to the earth permanent? Or are they puzzle pieces..

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Stress and Sleep in America

On August 27th, 2007, posted in: Miscellaneous, Natural Bedroom by 0 Comment

Starting every day with a good night’s sleepTM is important year round. Here’s a national “stress and sleep” to find out what keeps Americans up at night. This year’s findings revealed a range of insights on Americans’ stress and sleep cycles. Here are some of the results: HOW STRESSED ARE WE? – 65% of Americans..

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More than ever: people want our Made in the USA comfort

On August 24th, 2007, posted in: Miscellaneous by 0 Comment

With poisonous toxin alerts connected to almost everything made in China, seems more and more people are now wanting to buy local. We’ve always manufactured in the USA for our own reasons, but we’ve heard many times over the years from customers who say: “I can’t tolerate clothing, towels, blankets or sheets made overseas.” Maybe..

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Better Sleep: Midnight Snack Comfort Foods

On August 22nd, 2007, posted in: Miscellaneous by 0 Comment

We know we shouldn’t eat large and heavy meals too late at night. But there are times when those hunger pangs can actually keep you restless, and unable to fall asleep. Sometimes you just have to give-in… and indulge in a late night snack. So when that stomach-rumbling monster has you tossing and turning, be..

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It’s National Relaxation Day… so chill out!

On August 15th, 2007, posted in: Miscellaneous by 0 Comment

Today is our official day to relax, chill out, take it easy. We live in a world of fast-food, fast-internet connections, fast-cars, fast-diets, even fast-greetings with our neighbors. So…. Lets slow down a bit. Atleast for today. Some of the tips include: * A calm soak in the tub * Treat yourself to a day..

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Oprah says: Take action with reusable canvas grocery bags

On April 23rd, 2007, posted in: Miscellaneous, Organic Apparel & Textiles by 0 Comment

If Oprah says it… it must be true! Funny how folks always listen to the media voices. We’ve offered reusable canvas shopping bags for 15 years, and they’ve always been popular…. but when Oprah had a special “green” show and encouraged people to take their own bags to the market, the orders for our bags..

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Blow out your candles…

On February 19th, 2007, posted in: Miscellaneous by 0 Comment

Today is my birthday and if I have to blow out 41 candles I’ll be out of breath. Thank goodness we don’t have them available. Instead we used 1 huge beeswax candle (organic, of course) as substitute, works just fine. I had the good ol’ birthday cake, a few hugs and and maybe a few..

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Acar’re needs your help

On February 18th, 2007, posted in: Miscellaneous by 0 Comment

Acar’re Randolph-McCombs was born with a form of Diffuse Cutaneous Systemic Mastocytosis. This very rare disease centers around the mast cell/blood cells, which affects your skin, bones and organs. Acar’re suffers severe and extremely painful allergic reactions when he comes in contact with everyday household items, including tap water and certain purified waters, soap, preservatives..

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