We love our pets, and we love taking those quizzes that tell us what our spirit animal is, so try and imagine a world without your spirit animal. Its a sad, sad world, isn’t it? What would you do if you hear that your favorite animal was endangered, or even worse, entirely wiped out? Well here is a scenario for you, think forty years into the future, the world will obviously be different. Imagine an ocean with no fish, no fish with the exception of jellyfish. Would you even want to go into the water with all of those tentacles floating around? What will you eat as an alternative to red meat and chicken when all of the fish are slowly dying, withering away, becoming extinct.


A rapid decline in our fish population is largely credited to overfishing, pollution, and climate change. These factors have a huge influence on the oceans ecosystems. The destruction of one species of fish is largely influential to the food chain of the rest of the ocean. When the food chain of the ocean is interrupted, it screws everybody over, because then we, as people, have less and less food coming from the sea, and fish, as we know, are a great source of protein. This fish scenario is not concrete, but there are many things to look at when considering the danger of endangering a species of animal.

When one species dies out, another is sure to follow, seeing as the food chain and the ecosystem depend on each individual species in order to keep the circle of life flowing. When causes such as industrialization and pollution take an animal’s habitat from them, the animal is either forced to move, or, in some cases, die. Or, with some species, extinction can do the opposite and cause another species to overpopulate. These overpopulated animals will be brought about by the change in the food chain when perhaps they are no longer hunted by the predator that has gone extinct.

What would the world be without these creatures of enigmatic beauty to roam the forests or the oceans, protecting the balance and circle of life as it was meant to be? What a sad day it will be when one’s spirit animal ceases to exist. To get an image of what animals fall on the list of endangered species please visit www.worldwildlife.org, and get a taste of the fierce beauty that is the Amur Leopard and the serenity of the Blue Whale.




Many companies use animal skin to produce products such as blankets, coats, and leather goods. This requires the death of an animal in order to produce these products. Here at the Organic Comfort Zone we offer safe wool options. All of the sheep shaved for our wool are protected and raised humanely, shaven humanely, and kept alive. No torture or murder is involved in the making of any of our goods. If you are still not sure that you would like to purchase a wool product, that is no problem because we also carry a variety of vegan products. Much of our products are made from cotton and other organic materials derived from plants including Kapok and Latex (which is extracted from a tree without any harm to the tree itself.)

Remember, there are many ways to protect our environment. We can all take steps toward a better world by reducing, reusing, and recycling. The most comfortable way to ease into an organic, ‘Green’ lifestyle, though, is in the bedroom.