What Part Do You Play in the American Economy?

On December 22nd, 2009, posted in: Made in the USA, Miscellaneous by 0 Comment

We all agree that the state of the American economy is not good – but really who is at fault? The Government? The War? Or could it be that a large part of the blame should be placed right in the hands of the American citizens? Consider for a few minutes your purchases over the..

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A Heath Plan For America Begins With the Basics

On December 14th, 2009, posted in: Healthy Lifestyles, Natural Bedroom by 0 Comment

A new health plan for America is the current and constant topic up for debate and it seem that everyone has an opinion. The only agreement is that we all need to stay as healthy as possible and enjoy the highest quality of life, but there are more keys to good health than doctors, hospitals..

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Take a deep breathe and relax, Organic Comfort Zone has put together a list of Holiday Sales

On November 30th, 2009, posted in: Products & Sales by 0 Comment

If you’re like I am, Holiday gift buying panic is starting to settle in. What to give, how much to spend and the hustle and bustle of it all can be overwhelming. Take a deep breathe and relax, Organic Comfort Zone has put together a list of Holiday SALE gifts that will make the loved..

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Want to Cuddle?

On November 24th, 2009, posted in: Natural Bedroom by 0 Comment

Do you want to cuddle? Our CozyPure® Organic Wool Comforter is a favorite to cuddle under every night – it’s designed to last for decades with proper care and all CozyPure® Organic Wool Comforters are on sale until November 30! Every CozyPure® comforter is expertly custom crafted using lofty chemical-free organic wool hand-tufted inside our..

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The key to living in any area that is storm prone is being prepared

On November 20th, 2009, posted in: Miscellaneous, Natural Bedroom by 0 Comment

The November 2009 Nor’ Easter is now history, but damage throughout Hampton Roads remains. I faired well. My little house sustained no damage and with the exception of no electricity for nearly 30 hours, I was unharmed and maybe a bit wiser and more grateful as a result. Without electricity, some of the luxuries we..

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A Payment Plan to Match Your Budget

On November 2nd, 2009, posted in: Miscellaneous by 0 Comment

As the Holiday Season approaches, more and more people are taking advantage of the Organic Comfort Zone’s simple Lay-A-Way program. It’s an easy way to purchase a beautiful new CozyPure® mattress with healthy organic bedding on a budget with a payment plan that matches your needs. Every time that you make a payment towards your..

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Simple, Eco-Smart Holiday Shopping

On October 28th, 2009, posted in: Miscellaneous by 0 Comment

More eco-smart folks are shopping online than ever before. The savings in fuel, the frustrations of driving, parking and fighting the crowds can make the Holiday experience much more pleasant and to say the least; much better for the environment. This year, do something wonderful for someone else and for the planet. By giving a..

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A Kitchen Ingredient Goes to the Bathroom…

On October 26th, 2009, posted in: Eco-Tips, Green Living by 0 Comment

THE VIRGINIAN-PILOT NEWSPAPER Published October 24, 2009 GREEN TIDINGS by Cheryl Hahn Last month I wrote about making your own eco-friendly homemade recipes, and with Halloween just around the corner, I couldn’t help but think about a little trick I played on my kids when they were little. I called it “Powdered Donuts”. After my..

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Good Night. Sleep Tight. The Doctor was Right

On October 14th, 2009, posted in: Healthy Lifestyles, Natural Bedroom by 0 Comment

by Rex Mitchell for Organic Comfort Zone News published Oct 14, 2009 Looking for ways to feel strong and invincible? Want to slow down the aging process and look more beautiful? Thinking about shedding a few pounds? Searching for ways to strengthen your immunity against colds and viruses? The solution could be lurking behind your..

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The Comforter – “Mary’s” Story

On October 7th, 2009, posted in: Natural Home by 0 Comment

I spoke with a young lady a few days ago that made me stop and think about my spending habits. She had visited Organic Comfort Zone about a year before and fallen in love with our Amaizing Wool Comforters. She explained that even though she loved our cuddly product and all of the wonderful virtues..

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