Acar’re needs your help

Acar’re Randolph-McCombs was born with a form of Diffuse Cutaneous Systemic Mastocytosis. This very rare disease centers around the mast cell/blood cells, which affects your skin, bones and organs. Acar’re suffers severe and extremely painful allergic reactions when he comes in contact with everyday household items, including tap water and certain purified waters, soap, preservatives in foods, and fabrics that are not from 100% natural fibers.
His mother, Traci McCombs spoke with me and shared the many struggles she has encountered through the years in her attempt to provide the best care for Acar’re. Obviously, healthcare and the associated expenses have been a major concern. She had to sell her home and everything she owns just to keep up with the mounting costs. Traci speaks very highly of President Clinton, who provided wonderful resources to assist the family. She was happy to hear Inside Edition was interested in sharing her story, because she hopes that such a large and respected TV show will help her reach across the nation. She is overwhelmed by the people who have been helping her so far, and acknowledges Americans generousity to touch lives.

Once Traci contacted Tomorrow’s World about our organic products, her story passed across our owner’s desk. Cheryl immediately put us out to the shelves to select some items to donate for Acar’re and his family. In addition to our donation, as well as other businesses, the support circle of Acar’re hope to capture the heart and soul of generous folks throughout the US who are able to provide additional assistance.

Traci says her son is just like any other every day kid in many ways. He enjoys playing video games, watching TV and reading. When looking at Acar’re, you would never know he was sick, but the inside of his body is shutting down. But Traci and Acar’re have hope for a better tomorrow.

If you too, would like to donate visit our website @ Tomorrows World and click on the banner “Inside Edition” at the top of the page. We have created a registry just for Acar’re.