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It started with a kiss…

There’s been a lot of excitement from customers about our “new” kiss collection.

The truth is though, it sort of started with a “kiss” because this is just like the mattress we offered 20 years ago (except our fabric is nicer now).

It’s also similar to what lots of organic brands offer today.

We discontinued this collection a few years ago when we decided to offer all of our mattresses with GOLS-certified 5-zone organic latex. But the thing is, the 100% natural latex rubber is a fantastic alternative for folks who are looking for a quality bed made from natural materials, but don’t want to pay the higher cost affiliated with the GOLS organic certificate or a premium five-zone responsive core.

So what’s the difference between our “Organic Comfort zone Collection” and our “Natural Comfort kiss Collection”?

They both feature our organic cotton matelasse stretch-knit fabric
They both feature reverse-flip comfort (two-sided design)
They both feature 100% wool as the natural fire barrier
They both feature zippered casing so you can adjust your comfort
They both feature 100% natural rubber with no synthetic blends or fillers
Purchasing either one will make you a Cuddle-Up Club member and enjoy 20% Off on our bedding accessories for life

They have a lot in common because they’re both wonderful mattresses.
Here’s the subtle difference:

Natural Comfort kiss Collection
features Monozone Natural Latex

natual latex kiss collection

Organic Comfort zone Collection
features Zoned Organic Latex

organic latex zone collection

Of course the other difference is the price.

Offering these options allow our customers to choose what’s most important to them, without having to sacrifice any quality.

If certified-organic latex is important to you, or if responsive zoning is important to you,
then choose the “Organic Comfort zone Collection“.

If pricing is a concern, yet you still want a mattress made with premium natural materials,
then choose the “Natural Comfort kiss Collection“.

Still have questions? Give us a call Monday – Saturday 10 am – 6 pm EST, we’ll be happy to assist you!

Organic Mattress & Bedding Retailers

No… you won’t find us in retail mattress stores.

Through the years we thought about offering our products in retail stores, especially because we had so many requests. After weighing the pros and cons, we decided not to pursue a retailer program…. and go wholeheartedly “factory-direct”.

Here’s just a few reasons we decided to commit to this 100%

# 1 – We realized how passionate we are about our CozyPure®. Like so many brands who are seeking direct-to-consumer relationships, this common ideal to represent your brand directly makes sense in many cases, because we’ll have the opportunity to work one-on-one with our customers and focus entirely on our products and services.

We also get direct customer feedback for suggestions and improvements, which allows for building a better company, a better product and a better experience for our customers.

# 2 – Going factory-direct, we can keep our prices down. For instance our Organic Comfort Zone mattress collection (GOLS-certified organic five-zoned latex) was already under-priced in the “retail” market, then our raw material costs went up. If we were to move forward with a retail store program, the new prices on mattresses would increase by at least $1000 retail this year. By selling direct, we didn’t have to increase our prices.

We love our mattresses so much, we want everyone to be able to afford one of their very own!

# 3 – Looking into the future, more and more people are comfortable shopping on the internet, especially when you can get a great price. The trend continues as manufacturers who’ve never dealt with consumers, are finding ways to sell directly to their customers.

Not having a middle-man markup allows manufacturers to provide much better pricing.

Overall the main reason we’re enthusiastic about committing to factory-direct with no retailers, is we always dealt directly with our customers, so why change a good thing?

The idea of having to increase all of our pricing from mattresses to pillows to blankets just to go in a retail store didn’t make sense. Our customers would have to pay higher prices and we would have lower margins (selling wholesale), plus more importantly, we would lose the direct-connection to our customers.

Ultimately, the best way to properly take care of our customers (whether it be pricing or services), is through a direct relationship, not through a secondary retail point-of-contact. And that’s why… you won’t find us in retail stores.



Eco-Tips Environment Green Living Miscellaneous

Every Day is Earth Day

We like to be mindful of our environment every day around here. But some things just can’t be avoided. As green as we are in our company practices we’re still occasionally confronted with some challenges that are very “un-green” while running the business. The difference, however, is how we choose to deal with those things. First a little background.

If you’re not familiar with our company, we started out back in 1990 as one of America’s first green-living stores originally under the name Tomorrow’s World. We offered everything from compact fluorescent light bulbs to shower heads and even low-flow toilets!

Archived catalogs

Our mail order catalogs featured clothing and bedding made from organic, sustainable fibers such as hemp and organic cotton… in fact we were one of the first retailers in the country to ship mattresses and bedding direct to the consumer.

Early 1990’s. We sold mattresses with organic materials in our catalog way before the internet

In 2011, we invested in a solar system that generates 89,400 kWh of electricity yearly.

Just a portion of our solar array system


CozyPure® is proud to be an EPA Green-Power-Partner

The lighting in our recently renovated space features 4w LED bulbs throughout the offices and showroom. The entire area of 5,000 SF uses a total equivalent of having eight lamps with 75watt light bulbs. WOOP!

We have SIXTY dimmable LED bulbs in our showroom – the equivalent of four 60 watt light bulbs


We upgraded all the workshop bulbs from T12 to T2. Not only are they energy efficient, they also provide a beautiful bright light that looks very similar to the natural daylight we get from the skylights in our historic early 1900 building.

We converted sixty fixtures from T12 bulbs (75 watts each)   to T2 bulbs (11 watts each). YOWSA!


In our parking lot the recycling dumpster is 3x bigger than the trash dumpster. We encourage a no-waste policy and reuse or recycle mostly everything. Paper copies are converted for note-taking (no post-its here). We collect our raw material scraps and offer to crafters at an affordable price.

Why waste scraps of beautiful organic batting when someone else can use them?


We’ve always had plants to not only provide aesthetics in our surroundings, but to also naturally filter the air around us. Our first plant, Aggie, has been with us now for over 20 years. OK so maybe she’s really a tree (over 7 feet with yearly clippings)

No it’s not a greenhouse or nursery, we just love plants. Oh and BTW those cool glass-wood partition walls were demoed and upcycled from their original use circa 1930 – just part of the history in our beloved 1909 building that we wanted to preserve – so yup we did that too 🙂


Of course, ALL of our products are made from sustainable, renewable materials such as organic rubber, organic cotton, wool, buckwheat and kapok and made in the USA. We DO NOT make CozyPure bedding from non-renewable petroleum foams or synthetics – the most common materials in conventional bedding (yup – you probably have that yucky stuff in your pillows, blankets and mattress – sorry).

Wool comforters – the kind great-grandma had, you know, the kind that lasted


Our warehouse shelving and workshop tables are custom-made and handcrafted from FSC-certified wood.

Oh it’s our lovely ladies who tuft, they’re pretty awesome


Our kitchenette was upgraded with an on-demand hot water heater. Our fridge is Euro-designed highly energy efficient. We have two antique buffets getting restored with quartz-recycled glass counter-top from Absolute Kitchen & Bath (a local kitchen contractor).  We had our floors restored to their natural finish by Hapax Concrete (another local yocal). You’ll also find temperature-control curtains we installed throughout our warehouse which retain heat and/or coolness, in addition to ceiling and exhaust fans. Heck, even our bathrooms have organic castile soap for washing our hands.

Soap made with certified organic oils makes hand-washing fun!


We don’t just say we’re green, we are green. After all actions speak much louder than words.

One of the biggest challenges we faced was waste from plastic. Many of our raw materials arrive wrapped in large plastic bags, for protection during shipping. We couldn’t recycle this type of plastic in our container, and we couldn’t find any practical way to reuse such a massive quantity of bags. Thankfully, Mr. John came to our rescue two years ago.

Studly Mr John gets a work out hauling all that plastic and we gals look forward to the eye candy when he comes to collect :)~


John volunteers his time to collect plastic bags for a local school. The bags are then recycled into plastic lumber for an assortment of furniture and decking. The school that collects the most tonnage wins and ever since we’ve been doing this “our” school (the smallest one in Norfolk) wins the contest and we suspect our contribution of plastic helps greatly, as well as Mr. John’s efforts 🙂

This Earth Day think about ways you can change your daily habits. Try small changes like taking your own bags to the market or using a refillable water bottle. You’ll be surprised how quickly it becomes a part of your daily lifestyle, not just something you do on Earth Day, after all…


Happy Earth Day!

Are you ready to dispose of your chemical-laden, plastic-based bedding?

CozyPure offers a nice selection of everything from mattresses and toppers to comforters and linens all made from renewable, sustainable, natural and organic materials. And the annual Earth Day sale is going on through April 30th.


Eco-Tips Environment Green Living Healthy Lifestyles Natural Fibers Organic Comfort Organic Mattress & Bedding

Is Your Bedding Sustainable?

Earth Day is fast approaching and it’s the perfect time to evaluate how green you really are. Earth Day is the time that everyone thinks about the basic ways to conserve like recycling, buying local and using less energy. Why not consider changing what you rest your head on every night, your mattress?

Most conventional mattresses available today are made from synthetic materials derived from petrochemicals and a host of proprietary unregulated chemicals. Producing these materials contribute to generating more pollution in our environment, plus creates a dependency on our supply of nonrenewable resources. In addition  manufacturers use toxic chemicals like polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDE), a class of synthetic chemicals as flame retardants. Disturbing concentrations of this chemical has been found in human blood and breast milk – a major human health concern.

All of these factors contribute to our health and that of our environment. The materials we choose for use in our CozyPure bedding and mattress components are made from earth-friendly renewable resources that are better for you and better for our environment.

CozyPure Wool Comforter Hand Tufted in Norfolk, Virginia

Making useful green products from sustainable materials that will last for years is a great representation of what Earth Day is all about; investing in something that’s not designed to break down and get replaced is not only smart for your wallet, it’s smart for our planet.

Start thinking about your purchases. Do you need it? Is it practical? Will it last? What’s it made from? Where was it made? Are you buying something simply because it’s cheap? You’ll find that when you start asking these questions chances are pretty good that in many cases you’ll put the product back on the shelf.

If you looking to “sleep green”, visit for a full collection of organic bedding and mattresses.

Green Living Healthy Lifestyles Natural Bedroom Organic Mattress & Bedding

Eat healthy – sleep healthy!


We use three ingredients in our mattresses:

    • Organic Cotton
    • Pure Wool
    • Natural Latex Rubber

Really that’s all we use.

No hidden FR barriers. No hidden polyester blends. No synthetic latex. No foams. No glues. No toxic chemicals.

Polyurethane Foam and Memory Foam is made from petroleum-based chemicals, as well as flame retardants and viscosity inducing agents. A polyol is a substance created through a chemical reaction using methyloxirane (also called propylene oxide).

This is just a short list of toxins found in an analyzed type of memory foam: Formaldehyde, Styrene, TDI (Toluene Di-Isocyanate), Polyol (Poly Ether Gycol), Silicone Surfactant, Tertiary Amine, Stannous Octoate, Flame Retardant, Pigments/Dyes.

Toluene Di-Isocyanate (TDI) is the most common isocyanate employed in polyurethane manufacturing, and is considered the workhorse of flexible foam production.

Methyloxirane and TDI have been formally identified as carcinogens by the State of California, and are on the List of Toxic Substances under the Canadian Environmental Protection Act.

The “trickery” is in the mattress law label which only discloses the final material, not what chemicals were used to make that final material.

Besides food, our bedding is the most intimate product we use on a daily basis. The FDA does NOT regulate the chemicals that go into making mattresses or bedding – and it’s not on the label.

Choose organic components and sleep healthy!



CozyPure uses only natural and organic materials in the manufacture of bedding and mattresses. For more information visit their website at

Green Living Healthy Lifestyles Organic Mattress & Bedding

Natural Latex Mattress Production Start to Finish

As you rest on your mattress ask yourself this: Does your mattress come full circle?

Unlike most conventional mattresses which contain 100% chemicals, a mattress made with REAL organic latex rubber offers you the benefits of longevity, comfort and a safe haven.

The video below explores  the production of an organic latex mattress core. The video begins by showing the absolute beauty of the natural rain forest in Sri Lanka. There are thousands of acres of healthy green rubber trees in Sri Lanka while the workers start the process  of tapping them. Each tree weeps approximately one tablespoon of rubber per day.

To make one queen size core it takes 2500 trees to cultivate enough rubber.

Harvesting and tapping rubber allows the locals of Sri Lanka to make a decent living from the own beautiful natural resources. The Alternative would be to work in sweatshop factories  while being paid much less. After the milk has been harvested from the rubber tree the workers take it the factory to be mixed and then poured into a bowl. In this bowl it is then baked into rubber latex. The newly made latex core is washed, dried and then tested to ensure the correct density. Afterwards, the natural latex core is packaged and shipped to the USA where we cut it to size and layer it with luxurious wool batting and a soft organic cotton fabric. Finally, the all natural latex mattress is packaged and sent to customers around the world to enjoy a wonderful and healthy nights sleep.

As you can see, the natural latex core comes to what we at CozyPure like to call “full circle.” The core benefits everyone and everything around it. Starting from the natural and sustainable tree it comes from to the benefits a customer will get by sleeping on it.  




We’re moving!

As many of you know, we began restoration of an old historic warehouse back in late August.

Well… even though it’s not completely finished, we’re moving in anyway. It’s exciting to have so much more space (25,000 sf) in a beautiful building with history and architecture, they just don’t make buildings like this anymore.

The synergy is perfect because they just don’t make bedding the same way anymore either – unless of course it’s CozyPure. We make bedding the old-fashioned way. We use our hands and natural materials. Just like our new location. It was built without power tools using hands and brick.

We belong in this space.  And we’re excited.

We apologize in advance if we’re a little behind with things as we progress through our move-in while we continue to operate under renovations. We appreciate your patience. We appreciate your support. We appreciate you business. Without you, this wouldn’t be possible.

If you’re in the area, we hope you come visit us at our new location:
2308 Granby Street in Norfolk, Virginia.


Organic Mattress & Bedding

Read the label

Food has ingredients listed on the label, but did you know there is no FDA regulation for the ingredients in your mattress?

Most conventional mattresses are made with 100% chemicals, many of them “proprietary” so who knows what’s in there?

Here’s a short list of some common carcinogens in traditional mattresses:

  • Polyurethane foam (petroleum-based material that emits VOC’s)
  • Formaldehyde (linked to asthma, allergies, and lung cancer)
  • Flame retardants (linked to cancer and nervous system disorders) such as PBDE’s, which were very recently banned in many countries. Unfortunately that’s not much help since other equally toxic chemicals are easily used instead, without any real regulation for health hazards.

Your bedding and mattress are probably the most intimate products you use on a daily basis (besides food). It should matter, it should be important to you. Sadly most people don’t give it a second thought.

When you get serious about changing your bedding to use only natural materials, consider CozyPure or other manufacturers that specialize only in organic materials.



#tbt Experience CozyPURE Organic Comfort circa 2004

Throw Back Thursday!


Here’s a quick synopsis to go with our #tbt picture post…

This was from way back, ten years ago, when many “organic and natural” mattresses were focused mainly on the fact that the materials were organic and natural. But not us! Here at OCZ we wanted to change the organic mattress experience to provide customers with COMFORT. So in 2004 we began referring to CozyPure organic comfort. Then in 2006, we revamped our whole line to include 100% stretch knit matelasse fabric with a beautiful vine pattern. And now, after 23 years in business, we’re still developing our own fabrics and patterns for beautiful aesthetics and comfort.

Experience pure organic comfort from the place that started it all 🙂



Sleep late or take a nap?


The CEO & Founder of our company, Cheryl Hahn says:

“Sleeping-In is underrated. I like to take my nap as soon as I wake up.”