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Back Pain and Stress

We had a customer call about back pain which started just a few weeks after getting our mattress. He was doing fine, sleeping pretty well, but then began to feel tightness in his lower back. Since the mattress was fairly new to him, just two weeks, he assumed it was a comfort issue and called to find out if he needed something firmer or softer.

After a series of questions, we discovered that he was dealing with a lot of emotional distress (he broke down on the phone while talking). His wife had passed away within the past year, he was taking care of his eldery father, his son was diagnosed with a chronic illness, and more recently, was laid off from his job. Coincidentally, it was only a few days after he lost his job when he started to experience his back pain. Because he was dealing with so many different stress issues, the layoff was his “peak”, or rather when his “cup runneth over”, in a not so very good way.

Having a problem here and there is a part of everyday life, but when we have an avalanche of issues hit us all at once it can be quite overwhelming. The stress we tend to hold in our bodies during hard times usually manifests in our back because we unconsciously tense those muscles, which in turn causes pain. If you recently purchased a new mattress, like our customer, it’s only natural to assume that’s the cause. But before you make any major changes to the comfort of your sleep system, be sure to address any emotional stress you are experiencing, because no matter how comfortable your mattress is, you’ll still have the back pain until you deal with the stress. It’s a terrible cycle of tension that won’t be relieved until you are able to change the circumstances of your anxiety, or at least get it under manageable control.

Experts advise we should watch our posture when we have high anxiety since we tend to slouch, or torque our bodies in unnatural positions while sitting, which can contribute to back pain. Massage and stretching is also important to relieve muscle tension. However, those things only help with the physical discomforts, and you need to address the underlying cause of the anxiety and find what works for you to manage your emotional stress. Yoga, dance, music, support from family and friends, partaking in a hobby you enjoy, being pro-active and making a list to combat issues… these are just a few of the things that can assist you to focus on feeling better mentally, which in turn may help reduce your anxiety-related back pain.

Back to our customer… after he was able to “get things off his chest” while talking to us, he apologized and was embarrassed, but he also admitted to already feeling a little better. Since we’re in the sleep industry we were able to make him aware of how stress can deeply affect the quality of sleep, and greatly contribute to discomfort. He agreed it made sense, that he’d put off dealing with the problems which were affecting his life, and so he decided he would first try to manage his anxiety better then call us in a few weeks with an update.

After a month, he hadn’t called back, so we reached out to him to find out how the mattress was working out. We’re happy to report that within the time period of our first call, and the followup call, he was able to tackle a lot of his issues and get them under control. He hadn’t contacted us because he was sleeping so well, he didn’t even think about it anymore, and just simply forgot he was suppose to call us back!

Moral of the story: If you’re experiencing back pain when you’re sleeping, think about what’s going on in your life. If there’s additional anxiety, you should first look at ways to resolve your stress before making any major changes to your sleep system, which could very well be unnecessary.

Be happy…. sleep happy!





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A doggone good time at work

If you know me, then you know how much I love my furry four-legged friends. Trust me, between felines and canines, my house is full. I have been a part of the CozyPure family since 2007 and immediately fell in love with the natural bedding, as well as the commitment to made in the USA quality, but I must admit one of my favorite things was the location. Our building in Ocean View was only a few blocks from my house which allowed me to go home during breaks and spend time with my best friends, Sunshine and Cycle. I’d take them outside for walks, and when the weather was really nice, we’d enjoy the beach before I went back to work. Life was good!

But CozyPure was growing… in the Spring of 2014, Cheryl, the CEO and founder, announced that we had no choice but to move to a larger location. By summer of the same year, we found our new building at 24th and Granby. Five times larger, but also five times further from my house. While I was happy for the space, I was secretly saddened that I would not have time to go home during break to spend time with Sunshine and Cycle. I am not sure why I was surprised, but Cheryl already had a plan. The new location was large enough to allow a “doggy day care” in the office and I could bring them to work with me! Since quite a few of us have four-legged friends, we were ALL excited when Cheryl told us the news.

All the doggies have their own CozyPure pet bed, although they move around and share their beds with each other. When I’m not at my desk or in the factory, you can find me outside walking and playing with all the dogs. Having them by my side brightens my day, adds to productivity and I have formed better working relationships with my co-workers through our “cute pet stories.”

Meet The Doggone Crew

Sunshine: My dog, but she likes to hang out at Cheryl’s desk. I think Cheryl secretly gives her treats but they both deny it. As a herding dog, Sunshine has learned to improvise. She loves running around our parking lot barking and chasing the birds in-flight. I’m not sure what she would do if she ever caught one, but at 13 years old and not one caught yet, pretty sure I will never know.

Cycle (rhymes with Pickle): My adopted girl from Norfolk Animal Care Center, also 13, was dropped off at the shelter by her previous human. Unwanted, scared, confused and depressed, Cycle was overlooked by potential adopters and would soon be put down. A last plea was put out by the shelter and I couldn’t resist her big, sad eyes. Turns out all she wanted was love and security which she gets from me, as well as all the CozyPure family members, and her sweet personality is evolving every day. Visit your local animal shelter soon and adopt. The gratitude you receive from your adopted pet will amaze you!

Finn: Susan’s faithful pit-mix companion is our furry friend known best for his big kisses, Also adopted as a youngster from a shelter, Finns favorite past-time is lounging on all the dog beds before finally sneaking on the daybed filled with pillows. I don’t think he knows which is his favorite. I agree, it is a tough choice!


Chico: Diane’s little baby is the smallest of the group and also the feistiest. A cute little itty bitty Chihuahua with a big personality that keeps all the others in line. He’s all about the “head scratching” and will be sure to let you know when he has had enough (which is never).

Bosco and Sasha: The pups of the group, also rescued, belong to Ellis. They always keep us entertained with their spunky curiosity and energy. I LOVE puppies and they are both growing so fast!

Bringing dogs to work helps keep employees’ spirits high and adds to the sense of community and connection. Without even knowing it, our doggies have brought us closer together. The next time you find yourself at 24th and Granby, come in and say “hi” to our CozyPure doggies… we will happily take you through the office for a meet and greet of wagging tails and big kisses.

Handcrafted Organic Pet Beds with matching Pillows
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  • written by Hans Bunton