Catalog Welcome Letter

When people see the catalog they assume I’m a granola eating tree hugger. Well, I don’t really like granola — but I do love trees! The thing is I don’t fit into any real stereotype. I’m pretty much a normal gal. But I do have a passion to feel fulfilled and rewarded by contributing what I can — while I’m here. And I think that’s also a normal feeling for most of us, especially as we get older.

Our little choices can make a huge difference in the overall scheme of things. Whether it’s empowering women or wearing organic cotton, there’s a tender spot inside that makes you “feel-good” knowing your small decision has a direct, positive impact on other people, our personal environments, as well as the lovely planet we all share and take for granted. Our products come full circle with that philosophy —offering you choices that benefit the big picture.So it doesn’t matter if you chomp granola (like my hubby) or you avoid it (like me), we’re all in this together. I’d like to believe that together we can make the world of difference. And now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going out in my backyard to hug a tree.