It’s National Relaxation Day… so chill out!

Today is our official day to relax, chill out, take it easy. We live in a world of fast-food, fast-internet connections, fast-cars, fast-diets, even fast-greetings with our neighbors. So…. Lets slow down a bit. Atleast for today. Some of the tips include:

* A calm soak in the tub
* Treat yourself to a day at the spa
* Read a book
* Putter around the house in comfy PJ’s
* Don’t answer any emails (yeah, we know that’s hard)
* Take a nap

Around here, we’re experts at “relaxation-day” since we specialize in chillin’-out. Of course, our twist is we chill out naturally… with organic and natural fiber comfy stuff. I caught Cris taking a nap on one of the natural mattresses upstairs (she was supposedly just getting some water). When I asked her what she was doing, she said “Oh, I’m just testing this new blanket”. Yeah, right Cris. That’s a good one. I mean, what could I say? LOL. See the stuff you get away with when you work for a company that makes organic comfort products? Everyone gets paid to relax all day! Not bad, huh?

All kidding aside, stress can cause serious problems and consume your world if you let it get to you…. so today, let it GO. Walk away from it, chill out and as the song goes: Don’t worry. Be happy. 🙂