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Let’s Start a New American Tradition

As the 4th of July holiday approaches, we should be thinking about more than pyrotechnic displays and hotdogs. Sure, family and friends gathering together is great, but let’s not forget the true purpose of this National Holiday; American Independence Day is the birthday of our Country.

This year, as a true patriot, perhaps the best way to celebrate America’s “break-a-way” from foreign governing is to invest in American made merchandise – give a gift of love to someone with an American manufactured product. By doing so, you not only show someone that you care for them, but also that you care about the welfare of America and American industry.

With American factories shuttering daily, the best way to preserve the existing jobs is to keep them busy. Our “call to arms” today is saving our economy and our way of life – buying American made products may be one of the most patriotic things we can do.

As a start, just for one day, on the 4th of July, can you imagine people across the country refusing to buy anything not American made? The economic impact would tidal wave. A new tradition could begin that would help to reignite the spirits of American workers with a light that says people all over America care about the fate of our homegrown industries.

I’m proud to work for a company that is American owned and sells American made merchandise. I am in a special segment of the population which used to dominate our towns and cities but has now been downgraded to a small minority. The foundation of America’s advancement was forged by American manufacturing and should be reclaimed, but initially, before calculating on support from international markets, we must first invest in ourselves.

Organic Comfort Zone / CozyPure® / Organic Mattress Factory products are American made – most are made right here in our Norfolk, Virginia location. We put great effort and intention on attempting to secure the highest quality America grown and manufactured components, allowing us to produce one of the finest sleep systems available anywhere – at any price.

Imported goods may cost less, saving individuals small amounts of money at the time of purchase, but overall, when factoring in safety, quality, longevity, environmental impact and what the real costs are to American labor and the economy, the savings is overshadowed by the true cost.

On this Independence Day, start your own tradition – make a gift of an American made product. Start a conversation about the importance of supporting the American manufacturing industry. Not only is it the smart thing to do; it’s patriotic.