New Comforts on the Horizon

The recent Mother Earth News magazine talks about “Easy Solar Power”. Believe it or not, we still get calls about this occasionally. Since my hubby left the business six years ago, we nixed the Solar stuff (that was his forte), and we’ve concentrated on the “organic comfort” end of things. We’ve certainly changed over the years. Way back when, before the dot-com era, there weren’t many resources for folks to get things, and we helped by trying to offer as many “eco” things as possible in our catalog. Now that more items are available in various places, we’ve been able to focus on our specialty of producing organic bedding, clothing and body care. So as we let go of the old standbys such as cleaning supplies, fair trade gifts and books, be on the lookout for new “organic comfort” products that we have in development now. As soon as our testing is complete, we’ll be offering these new items in the near future!