Oprah says: Take action with reusable canvas grocery bags

If Oprah says it… it must be true! Funny how folks always listen to the media voices. We’ve offered reusable canvas shopping bags for 15 years, and they’ve always been popular…. but when Oprah had a special “green” show and encouraged people to take their own bags to the market, the orders for our bags hit an all time high. Of course, it was also synchronicity at its best because our year-at-a-glance calendar features buy 3 bags and get one free for the month of April (which we mailed out in January – way before we knew about Oprah’s show). So it seems we’ll be giving away lots of FREE bags this month… and saving lots of plastic bags from the landfill. It’s great that the American people are taking Oprah’s advice and choosing to be active in little things that do make a big difference.

WHY choose reusable canvas bags? Well first, with proper care these chumpies will last a lifetime. Secondly, they’re very strong so you can really load up on the groceries without the worry about the bag splitting apart. Third, the handles are more comfortable and won’t dig into your skin. Fourth, they conserve our resources, and also keep plastic bags from hitting the landfills or littering the streets. And lastly, they’re the easiest smart choice for anyone seeking to maintain the health of our earthly home.

Our special runs through the end of April in celebration of Earthday. If you’re ready to make the smart choice, visit Tomorrow’s World and get a free bag when you buy three or more. Happy Earth Day and may there be many more!