Shipping is my business…

Back when I first started working here as “the shipping girl”, I had no clue about anything organic. I only know organic being pesticide free, such as organic foods. But as the days passed, I’ve learned more and more about our products. All our fabrics are made from natural fibers and are cultivated pesticide-free, like cotton in which, if you know your cotton, requires massive amounts of pesticide to grow. I didn’t think organic would make much difference to me, anyway but, with my many convesations with customers (I answer the phones, too some of the time) about chemical sensitivities, I didn’t realize how important my role really is. I have accomodated different requests in more than one occassion where orders should be packaged in certain ways, like no plastic or invoices or catalogs should be sent separately from the merchandise. I might think a customer is too picky but, that is a big part of my job, giving what customers want. You’ll be surprised about the comments customers call in about their packages. It might not be a very big thing to any of us but, to the customers doing a little thing as packaging items very tight that they don’t move around makes a big difference. And that’s why I make it my business.

From Cris