Walmart slave labor takes away USA jobs

<font face=”Arial”>US consumers continue to fund China’s military modernization, even as they erode their own economy and employment at home. Even worse, Wal-Mart shoppers are supporting forced labor camps where the healthiest inmates are executed for “organ harvesting”. Wal-Mart also buys heavily from slave labor manufacturing zones, where women workers are typically paid 3 cents an hour or less for 70 to 90-hour work weeks. Full story <a href=””>here</a>. </font>

<font face=”Arial”><strong>THREE CENTS AN HOUR.</strong> Geez. What a bargain that $10 tee shirt is for you! Walmart paid about fifty cents for it (including the fabric).  So as that bargain tee takes away American jobs, promotes slave labor (in countries that have no labor laws), and produces outrageous markups (yet still pays their employees at the bottom of the scale)…. it also takes away our dignity as people. That freakin’ smiley face they use as a logo, is worse than burning the American flag, IMHO. Support USA apparel and textiles. Stop the slave labor. Bring the industry back home so we have work here. If YOU don’t care, THEY don’t care. Vote with your purchases. It really does make a big difference.</font> The USA cut & sews are going, going….