Organic Apparel & Textiles

We’ve Come A Long Way Baby . . .

Organic Cotton has come a long way, and we think this is wonderful. The fact that there are now famous celebrities joining the cause, and getting the word out, helps tremendously. Choosing organic cotton makes a lot of sense. It’s a premium fiber that feels soft against your skin, but more than that, it’s a fiber that also delivers the things we need. No chemicals to touch your skin, and none that harm the farm workers. And least we forget, no toxins leaching into our environment. It’s a mind-set that some people get, and some people don’t. The folks that “get it” have helped this industry gain strong steps in awareness. The folks that don’t understand, are usually just unaware of the great benefits and how it all comes full-circle. With ongoing support from customers that know they really make a difference, and with retailers like Tomorrow’s World who sacrifice over-the-top profits for integrity… perseverance shall prevail, and we shall overcome (hey, I heard that somewhere before). We said it over a decade ago: You DO make a difference. Every person, every where. Look how far we’ve come in just the past ten years! We envision a world where organic is the norm, and the preferred choice for everyone. Together, we can make it happen. Choose organic ~ it’s our future.