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What Part Do You Play in the American Economy?

flag.jpgWe all agree that the state of the American economy is not good – but really who is at fault? The Government? The War? Or could it be that a large part of the blame should be placed right in the hands of the American citizens?

Consider for a few minutes your purchases over the past couple of years – all of your purchases; from laundry detergent to appliances and automobiles. How many, (if any), were American made? My guess is if you are like most Americans; not many.

With the slightest bit of logic, it’s easy to predict and conclude the economic outlook and if you squint your eyes, you can see who is making the large profits; the folks at the top of companies that import cheap foreign products.

Granted, at one time or another, we have all bought into the hype of the discount merchandisers – more stuff for lower prices, but we lost sight of the long-term consequences which is financial devastation for our own economy.

Compound the financial decline, the lack of quality control and the environmental impact manufacturing and importing foreign goods has and the inexpensive imported products prove to be much less of a bargain than originally thought. In the long term; cheap imported merchandise is much more costly than quality American made products.

When buying American manufactured goods, a consumer can be assured a higher quality and that the dollars they spend are recycled back into the economy, thereby enriching American koffers. The money spent on American goods re-circulates, helping to empower the economy, thereby enriching all of us.

Commonly, people excuse themselves when asked why they did not consider purchasing American made by explaining the difficulties and effort involved in finding homegrown merchandise. Today, that excuse is voided thanks to the internet. With little energy, American made goods can be found online and delivered right to the customer’s door. Less stress and a wider selection is only a few key strokes away.

Granted, I work for an American company that sells American made products and it is in my best interest for customers to purchase from CozyPure®, but if you trace the origins of our merchandise, you will find that the chain extends well beyond the sales floor and how many people are reliant on your purchase.

A CozyPure® mattress begins with the milk of the rubber tree which is converted into natural latex rubber foam. The cotton used is American grown Certified Organic Cotton and is the absolute most pure form of cotton available today. No pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers are used during it’s cultivation and no chemicals or preservatives (such as formaldehyde) are added in the processing. It is premium cotton that’s pure and clean – soft and beautiful. The cotton is carefully milled in America in order to create a safe, beautiful finish.

Like our cotton, CozyPure® wool is also American farmed. In the natural surroundings of the northern coastal areas, there is always a fairly strong sea breeze and in the course of time, the high humidity combined with the cold wind has created an environment where the sheep have learned to protect themselves against these harsh weather conditions by developing a thick and long-crinkled fleece with an extremely high content of lanoline. The high crinkle factor of our pure wool provides a unique thermal system: while regulating air; it insulates warmth at the same time.

From growing the cotton, raising the sheep, carding the wool and milling the cotton to finally, building our mattresses and creating our fine line of bedding products; we are keeping Americans employed. The entire process from placing the cotton seed in the grown to the delivery driver who delivers yours beautiful organic mattress and bedding is all part of the chain that keeps your American dollar recycling and improving the economy while providing you with a healthy, safe, quality, organic and natural sleep system.