“Natural Habitat”

As a child, I remember a special trip taken with my parents to the famous San Diego Zoo. Wide-eyed and fascinated, I stared at the large array of animals – and they stared back at me. I stood in amazement and wonder but also contemplated their quality of life as they were confined to cages and concrete-condo unnatural environments. It was then that I became familiar with the term “natural habitat” and realized that no matter how hard we tried, a zoo would never be a “natural habitat” for wild creatures.

On the ride home from the zoo, my young brain was deep in thought, but not about things that most children would have been thinking about. Instead my mind raced with how different life must be for wild animals verses the captive ones that I had just seen.

When we arrived back home I looked around and thought how similar our house was to that of the artificial environments that the animals were housed in. What was our natural environment? Were we meant to live in a forest near a running stream? Certainly, prior to modern civilization there were not concrete, brick and vinyl structures. The air we breathed was not forced threw metal and plastic pipes. The water we drank was not filtered at some distant location before being piped to us. We didn’t sit, walk on nor sleep on petroleum based plastics. In essence, we live in an environment that is anything but the natural habitat of the human species.

Don’t misunderstand me. There is no way that I would trade my modern comforts for a life of foraging, hunting and sleeping on dirt. I enjoy hot showers and the protective structure that I live in, but I am attempting to get back to as natural of a life as I possibly can.

I am wearing mostly natural and organic fabrics. My home is decorated with used and reclaimed furnishings and I am in the process of upgrading my bedroom into an organic, natural sleep sanctuary. My head rests on a wonderful CozyPure® La’Noodle and I am snuggled under a CozyPure® Amaizing Wool Comforter and soon I will be sleeping on a new CozyPure® natural latex organic mattress. I am on my way to a complete organic lifestyle!

My environment may not be what the original “human habitat” was, but it is becoming as comfortably close to natural and healthy as can be expected in modern society – a warm, safe and healthy organic home and I think that is a perfect compromise.