A Heath Plan For America Begins With the Basics

A new health plan for America is the current and constant topic up for debate and it seem that everyone has an opinion. The only agreement is that we all need to stay as healthy as possible and enjoy the highest quality of life, but there are more keys to good health than doctors, hospitals and drugs.

The building blocks of good health are fresh air, clean water, a balanced diet, proper exercise, rest and deep, peaceful sleep. When all the life sustaining components are met in harmony and balance, then health risks are reduced; add in a dose of love and companionship and we will all feel better!

Nutrition and exercise are often addressed when discussing healthy lifestyles, but rest and sleep are frequently neglected; while lack of sleep remains a chief complaint among many Americans.

Busy schedules, stress and improper mattresses and bedding account for the growing numbers of our sleep deprived population.

Your bedroom should be your own special sleep sanctuary. Eliminate things such as televisions, computers and other distractions and keep your bedroom clean, simple and fresh. Create a sleep sanctuary that is calm, cool and as organic and natural as possible.

Starting with your mattress and working outward seems most logical when creating your sleep environment.

– How old is your mattress?
Most conventional mattresses are designed to need replacing within 5 – 7 years.

If your mattress is 5 years old or older, chances are, it’s time for a new one. If you have a quality natural latex mattress, then it should last 20 or more years before retirement is required.

– How comfortable is your mattress?
As our bodies age, we may need a sleep surface that offers additional layers of softness. Perhaps a new organic mattress topper is the solution; a few inches of natural latex can make a considerable difference.

– Are allergies keeping your from a good nights rest?
Conventional mattresses and bedding can harbor dust mites, mold and mildew.

Natural latex mattresses are mold, mildew and dust mite resistant and most quality organic mattresses contain organic wool which acts as a natural fire barrier while it wicks away moisture.

– Are you hot at night?
Are you waking up feeling over heated? The chemical reactions between your body and conventional mattresses can make you feel uncomfortably hot while you are sleeping. Natural latex mattresses have temperature regulating properties that adjust to your body temperature so over heating is never a problem.

The same applies to organic wool comforters and natural and organic pillows.

– How do you select the right mattress?
Choosing a comfort level is an individual decision, whether your preference is firm, medium or soft, but remember that you can always make a mattress softer by adding a topper, however, you cannot make a mattress firmer.

Consult with a knowledgeable sleep expert. Most reputable mattress companies will have trained staff members to help you select the perfect mattress for your specific needs.

Natural, organic latex mattresses generally are the best choice for healthy sleep. When shopping for your new organic mattress, choose a company that has been in the organic industry for a considerable amount of time. Many companies are only recently offering organic selections and far too many are simply combining non-organic components with minimal amounts of natural products and calling the “green”.

– Buying directly from the manufacturer
Consider buying directly from an organic mattress manufacturer.

Generally, the warranty is the same as if buying from a retailer while the discount may be greater. Organic mattress manufacturers such as Organic Mattress Factory, which produces CozyPure® organic mattresses, periodically offer consumers factory direct pricing which exceeds savings normally found at retail establishments.

In essence, one of the best personal health plans for Americans is to invest in quality, healthy sleep. A new natural, organic mattress may be the best solution to staying out of the doctor’s office and avoiding expensive medications.

Remember; eat well, sleep well and breathe plenty of fresh, clean air.

– Rex