An organic mattress may be the best gift to give your child a head start in life

They might seem like adults sometimes and they might seem like small children at other times – it’s the time in life when physical, biological, psychological and behavioral changes are occurring at lightning speed. Your son or daughter is no longer a child and not yet an adult – they have grown beyond adolescence but are not quite adult (NQA). As an NQA, your child faces adult decisions but is still dependant on you, at least in part, for financial and emotional support. Your child longs to complete the transition into adulthood but still needs your steady hand and guidance. Perhaps, at no other time in life can decisions made by your child have more life long consequences. As a good parent, this final stage of transition from your nest into the world, your role is critically important.

NQA’s are often transitioning to college, their first fulltime job or their first apartment. They are in essence, going away from home for the first time, but more than likely, they will return several times before making the final leap.


As you have cared for your child while they were growing; giving them a solid foundation for their future is just as important. How safe is their new environment? How healthy is their somewhat independent diet? Are they resting well and what are they sleeping on?
Eating on a limited budget or in a college cafeteria often involves heavy doses of starchy and processed foods. Furnished apartments and dorm rooms almost always contain inexpensive, unhealthy mattresses and bedding. For your child to perform at their optimum, they need proper nutrition and healthy, adequate sleep. Education, planning and budgeting can assist with their culinary needs and a quality organic mattress and pillow will help to ensure that they are not breathing and absorbing chemical containments. An organic sleep system makes a perfect parting gift for your ambitious offspring.

While shopping for organic mattresses and bedding, place major consideration on the manufacturer:

How long have they been in business?
Are their products American made?
What is the quality and purity of their products?
What kind of certifications do they hold?
Who owns the company? Is it someone you can trust… and has experience?

When you’re ready to purchase your child’s new mattress, look at companies such as Organic Comfort Zone, which has been doing “green” business for twenty years, has a bricks and mortar retail store, mail order catalog and informative, educational websites as well as great customer service.

Remember, a good organic mattress is an investment. If your child is going to college, then their mattress will follow them home over the summer months. Eventually, that same mattress may be used for guests and finally become your grandchild’s first “big kid bed”. A quality organic mattress is designed to last for twenty years or more and may be passed from generation to generation. With proper care, an organic mattress will remain safe, healthy and comfortable, so when factoring in the cost of a new organic mattress over the lifespan; the cost of ownership is only pennies a day. As a long term investment, an organic mattress is one of the best values in today’s market.

Allowing your NQA to test the waters of independence is difficult and exciting; it is stressful for both you and your child, but you and your offspring will sleep better knowing that they are resting on a safe, organic mattress, eating healthy, balanced meals and generally enjoy life and it’s rewards.