Better Sleep: Midnight Snack Comfort Foods

We know we shouldn’t eat large and heavy meals too late at night. But there are times when those hunger pangs can actually keep you restless, and unable to fall asleep. Sometimes you just have to give-in… and indulge in a late night snack.

So when that stomach-rumbling monster has you tossing and turning, be sure to eat the right snack! Treat yourself to “sleep better” comfort foods, that digest easily such as:

  • banana
  • bowl of oatmeal
  • slice of toast with a little peanut butter
  • cup of noodles or white rice
  • chicken sandwich (not fried, no skin)
  • angel food cake
  • warm milk (yes it works)
  • Avoid any hard-to-digest foods like red meat, spicy foods, chocolate, beans, cheese, citrus, and anything greasy, fried, or too-rich. Before going back to bed, allow the food to travel down into your intestines, so wait about 15 minutes before lying down.