Better Sleep Month Organic Bedding Giveaway

As the World gathers more and more complicated issues from financial woes to global warming and the day to day stressors take their toll on humanity, restful and rejuvenating sleep becomes significantly more important.

Perhaps there is no better time to reevaluate our sleep habits than in May, when we celebrate “Better Sleep Month”.

With many of us in need of more and better quality sleep, we should all commit to making the changes necessary to improve our sleep habits.

Making lifestyle changes such as avoiding caffeine, nicotine and other stimulants; setting a standard time for going to bed and waking up; a balance of exercise and recreation can improve your quality of sleep, but in addition, your sleep environment is equally important.

Keeping your sleep sanctuary clean, simple and organic is of prime concern and in Celebration of Better Sleep Month, CozyPure® / Organic Comfort Zone and Organic Mattress Factory will be helping folks do so by giving away an assortment of organic bedding prizes.


On June 1st of this year, Organic Comfort Zone will randomly select 9 Attendees from Organic Comfort Zone’s FaceBook fan page “Slumber Party” as lucky winners. Requirements to register are simple; you must be a fan of the Organic Comfort Zone’s FaceBook page and RSVP as attending the “Slumber Party” event. The contest is simple, fun and allows Organic Comfort Zone, CozyPure® and Organic Mattress Factory to share their wonderful organic sleep products with people who may not have considered the importance of natural sleep before.

Sleep well, sleep safe and best of luck to all the contest entries.