Catalog Greetings!

Ask any of my friends. I love my black tees. I have about twenty of them. My favorite? Well, of course, our women’s organic cotton scoopneck. It’s so soft and it fits perfec-tee-ly. Anyone that doesn’t know me probably thinks I wear the same old shirt everday. I once read it’s a sign of genius to have several of the same garments because you don’t waste time or energy with the thought of what you’re going to wear. Hmmm… maybe I’m a genius! But then again, it’s pretty smart of me to prefer organic. And it’s smart for everyone else too. Not only does organic fiber create a premium fabric, it’s also benefical to our environment and to our skin. Softer, cleaner, fresher. It’s an ideal fiber for apparel, undies, sleepwear and bedding.