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Green Living is a Lifestyle

Earth Day is Friday and it’s always a special holiday celebration for us here at Organic Comfort Zone. Our flagship company, Tomorrow’s World, was one of America’s very first “Green stores” and after 20 years we’re pleased as 100% pure punch we’re still around to offer some great eco-friendly basics.

So many green products are also helpful to the end-user, whether it’s being more healthy, saving you money, or better durability. We like to take it a step further since we manufacture our brand products right here in the USA. We never outsource overseas so we’re keeping it local for our transportation carbon footprint as well doing a small part to keep jobs here in America.

Look for products that can help save you money. Energy and water conservation products will cut on your utility usage. Water filters are a great investment since you’ll not have to purchase bottled water.  Choose quality home products designed to last so you’re not replacing them all the time. Better still, choose quality products made from natural and renewable resources – they’re healthier for you and better for our planet.

If you haven’t seen the “Story of Stuff” put it on your list of things to do this week in honor of Celebrating Earth Day. It’s a wonderful 20 minute short film about planned obsolescence and how most products are actually made to fall apart and break down. How we abuse overseas labor and toxic chemicals to make products cheaper. It’s a very insightful little film that will get you thinking about products before you buy them.

After watching the movie you may find yourself rethinking your buying habits. Cheap disposable products won’t seem as appealing anymore and you’ll want to invest in quality products – like the products we offer. We’re pretty strict on our standards and take pride in the longevity of our products.  Take a peek for yourself and visit CozyPure next time you’re looking for organic bedding. If you need a few green-living basics (like water filters or canvas shopping bags) then visit the website.

In fact- if you hurry –

Tomorrow’s World has a store-wide sale going on right now. 15% off everything even clearance items! The sale ends April 24, 2011 so take a visit over there for some fantastic eco-friendly basics that help you live a green lifestyle while saving a little green in your wallet too.

Products & Sales

Take a deep breathe and relax, Organic Comfort Zone has put together a list of Holiday Sales

cuddlepackage.jpgIf you’re like I am, Holiday gift buying panic is starting to settle in. What to give, how much to spend and the hustle and bustle of it all can be overwhelming. Take a deep breathe and relax, Organic Comfort Zone has put together a list of Holiday SALE gifts that will make the loved ones in your life happy and reduce your stress, while celebrating organic comfort made in the USA. CozyPure® products offer great long-term value so you have peace of mind knowing your gift won’t be gone in six months.

My personal pick is a quick and easy way to transform anyone’s sleep system; Organic Comfort Zone has taken some all-time favorite organic bedding basics and wrapped them in a cuddle package offering you a big savings and a better way to sleep!

Maybe your loved ones don’t have an organic mattress yet, but you want to surround them in a natural paradise. Maybe they have an organic mattress and now you want to enhance their organic sleep experience. The Cozy Cuddle Sleep Package includes a CozyPure® old-world European hand-tufted organic comforter filled with lofty organically-managed wool, which offers a substantial weight with a surprising lighter feel once you are under cover. A CozyPure® wool comforter naturally regulates and maintains the body’s optimum temperature for sleep. This magnificent comforter will provide years of cuddly warmth and sleep satisfaction.

The Cozy Cuddle Sleep Package also includes a CozyPure® pure Wool Pad. The CozyPure® Wool Pad is also hand-tufted and offers the same astounding benefits as the comforter; dust mite resistant, temperature regulating, naturally dissipates heat, breathable and pure with no synthetics or chemicals.

Finally, The Cozy Cuddle Sleep Package offers an award winning La’Noodle pillow, which beautifully and comfortably compliments the entire package because this has proven to be a customer favorite.

If you’re in the market for simple thoughtful organic gifts, Organic Comfort Zone has Holiday sale prices on something for everyone’s budget; from socks, pillows, blankets to organic CozyPure® mattresses. If you need more ideas, simply visit Organic Comfort Zone on the web or if you are in the Hampton Roads area, stop by the showroom at 201 West Ocean View Avenue in Norfolk – we’d love to see you. If you still are unsure and need more ideas, call us at 800-229-7571. Happy Holiday shopping!