Celebrating Earth Day

Imagine Earth Day being celebrated as it should be; an International Holiday! Across the world, people should enjoy the day off to reflect and enjoy the gifts of planet Earth. It should be a day when we all consider our life-styles and what we can do to make our world greener.

I imagine an Earth Day where we exchange organic, natural and recycled gifts with our loved ones and even random strangers. We could plant “Earth Day Trees” and because Earth Day is celebrated on April 22; it’s a perfect time to work on gardening skills.

On Earth Day, we should wear only organic clothing and eat locally grown produce. Our efforts to conserve should be elevated.

This Earth Day, make plans to ride your bike to the park and soak in and cherish your surroundings and encourage others to do the same.

Earth Day is celebrated only once a year and unfortunately, it goes unnoticed by the larger segment of the population; it should be the largest event in the World. So, this year, let’s all do our part and try to make Earth Day every day.