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Chemicals and Breast Cancer

There was an interesting article in “Ms.” Magazine about breast cancer targeted to geographical areas. Apparently certain parts of the country are at higher risk because of the surrounding environment (and the chemicals).

Of specific interest: “Some researchers maintain… that it reflects the advent of many new synthetic chemicals after World War II, including petrochemicals and plastics. These chemicals’ presence in the environment has leapt from 350-fold in the last five decades, according to the book “A Scientific Detective Story” (Dutton Books, 1996). They argue that since many of these chemicals are hormone-disrupting, they may well contribute to the rise in reproductive cancers and other chronic diseases.”

Just another good reason to go organic! There are NO petrochemicals in our organic bedding or apparel, so it’s an easy way to eliminate that crap out of your life. In fact, switching to organics is probably the easiest way to improve your health and lifestyle, without going to the gym or going on a diet (not that they are bad things – but they can sometimes be hard – LOL). So organics are definitely something every coach potato should embrace!