Choosing your child’s first “big” mattress


We often have folks call wanting a new mattress for thier child. Baby is growing up and ready to leave the crib for a “big” twin size mattress. Of course, they want a natural mattress without the harmful chemicals and petroleum foams, so they call us for their options. One of the first things you need to consider is how long do you want – or expect – your child to sleep on the mattress? For instance, some people know they want to get their child a larger size mattress when they are entering their teen years. Other folks want the mattress to last until that child leaves for college… and beyond If you’re in the second category like most people, then your best option is to invest a little more money and get the Cozy Haven Natural Latex Mattress. Sometimes when we mention this, a customer is put off by the price difference. They’re calling with hopes of buying our Cozy Comfort Coil spring mattress, and want more details. Then we ask the question about how long they want it to last, they tell us very long, so we recommend using the latex instead of the coil. Don’t get me wrong… a quality innerspring coil, like our Cozy Comfort Coil, is a very good basic mattress. It will offer you support and comfort… but not as long as the latex. Springs are moving parts, and like any moving part, more vulnerable to breaking down over time. So baby goes into her new bed at two years of age, when she is a developing preteen of twelve, that mattress is now ten years old. And that innerspring is going to begin to lose a bit of it’s resilency. Our CozyPure mattress with natural latex cores have no springs to break down, with a very generous thickness of seven inches, and have a natural density that will support your child through their growing years, into adulthood, and more than likely beyond that… as a guest bed.

Another option is our Cozy Rest Futon which we designed specifically with kids in mind. Made from multiple layers of natural latex we build this futon-style bed to deliver 5″ of support in the core surrounded by our triple-fresh comfort quilting which also has another half-inch of latex inside the quilting on both sides, so finishes to approximately seven inches thick. It’s a top-of-the-line layered-futon bed that’s a great choice for kids. Just remember to tell them: No jumping on the bed!

So that’s it in a nutshell. Look at how long you want the mattress to last, then crunch your numbers. How much more will you spend for the latex? How many more years use will you get from the extra money spent? Is spending the extra money a lower cost than possibly having to replace the entire coil mattress again? If so, you should consider getting the better mattress, because in the long run it’s also the better price.

sleep well 😉