Natural Bedroom

CozyPure® introduces new line of organic mattresses!


We’re extremely excited about our new line of CozyPure® mattresses! Our raw materials are finally here and we’re ready for production in our Norfolk, Virginia Organic Mattress Factory. Our redesigned line features new fabrics such as green stripe damask and triple-knit matelasse fabric and of course we’re still using natural latex as the main component… and here are just a few reasons why:

* Outstanding elasticity due to the use of our natural latex
* Anti-fungal and hygienic; mold, mildew and dust mite resistant
* Excellent body support based on sound biochemical and ergonomic principles
* Certified quality guaranteed through permanent quality control
* Total absence of irritating noises
* Self-ventilating and moisture regulating
* Respect for the environment; natural resource
* Long-lasting durability and quality

To read more about the details of our natural latex, click here. If you want to see our certifications, visit this page.

CozyPure natural latex rubber mattresses create an ideal sleep system that reacts to your body with dynamic distribution of weight. They feature instant-recovery bounce-back, and offer superior support where you need it, while gently yeilding softness to other areas of the body. Our CozyPure natural latex does not have harmful chemicals, it’s moisture regulating so you won’t “sleep hot”, provides proper spinal alignment yet delivers the perfect balance of pressure-point relief, and it’s the only natural mattress that features Triple-Fresh Comfort Quilting with both Amaizing Wool ™ and Latex for luxurious surface comfort… and it’s environmentally-safe. No wonder it’s our customers favorite mattress choice.

If you want to check-out our new line of mattresses, be sure to visit the Organic Comfort Zone at Tomorrow’s World.

Sleep well 🙂