DC Greenfestival was Organic Comfort for Us…

WOW!! It was so GREAT this past weekend at the Washington, DC Greenfestival. I’m glad we decided to go, even if it was last minute and thrown together so quickly. We just finished a 3-week local home show in Virginia Beach, so we weren’t sure we could squeeze the Greenfestival into the schedule but four days beforehand we voted “YEAH” and went. I want to thank Hans, Cris and Rex for getting there to setup and take care of things. They arranged our Cozy Caress organic mattress, stacked layered Cozy Cabin organic beds, a few bins of organic cotton loungewear, and LOTS of natural latex organic pillows. Considering this was all arranged in only one-week, they did a TERRIFIC job. My daughter and I drove up late Saturday afternoon to enjoy the last-half of the festival.


We were chilling-out in our organic cotton sleepwear – and you folks really seemed to love it! Thank you for the compliments on our booth and on our products. One woman commented that “this is what heaven would be like.” What a job we have… lounging around, laughing, chit-chat with our customers and always in an ultimate organic comfort zone. It was a really fun time. We SO MUCH enjoyed meeting and greeting the show visitors and speaking to you about the benefits of CozyPure bedding – better for your health and better for the environment.

Proving again to be our best-selling “got to have” organic bedding accessory…. We took one-hundred CozyPure® La’Noodle organic pillows and we only had three left at the end of show. Loved the elderly couple who returned Sunday for a second La’Noodle (they bought one Saturday). They even sang a little “La-La-La Noodle” jingle. It was wonderful. And then there was little Emily…

Emily was a darling four-year old who propped herself down on our layered Cozy Cabin organic cot beds and proclaimed “This is MY bed!” Ironically, mom and dad were looking for Emily’s new “big girl” bed. They were able to buy both of them Sunday night at the end of the show and tote them away in their Prius.

Speaking of…. Rex had to leave so I carpooled everyone back to Norfolk, Virginia in my Prius. We calculated a total cost of $15 in gas roundtrip. I love my car! I wish there was a bridge across the Atlantic Ocean .