Earth Day Celebration for Hampton Roads

Hey local folks… I hope you all get the chance to come out to Mount Trashmore this Sunday for the annual Earth Day Celebration. After just settling back in from our New York show, we’re trying frantically to get ready for the event. We’ll have our CozyPure® Caress organic mattress on-site, as well as information about why organic and ecosmart bedding and clothing are better for you and for the environment.

We’re also working with the City of Virginia Beach to present one of the special events of the day. We’re scheduled to hold our “ORGANIC COMFORT CATWALK” AT 11:15am (although I hope it’s postponed a bit later). We noticed on the program they have it listed as the “Tomorrow’s World Eco Fashion Show”. Probably because that’s what we did back in 1994. This time around though, we’ll be using active-military models (government working with the environment – yippee), who will strut their stuff in our cozy casual organic clothing and bedding. We’ve had no rehearsals… so be kind. 😉

For those who don’t know, Mt Trashmore was the very first landfill park created in the world. Hey, how cool is that? Since our fashion show will be there this year… it’s somewhat elementary to say: From trashin’ to fashion.

Hope to see you there Sunday!
In the meantime, sleep well and…
chill out naturally®