Going Green is a Journey

It’s time to replace my roof. I looked at solar options and of course, the wonderful selections of innovative green roofs, but alas, my budget is forcing me to either prepare for some leakage or revert back to traditional shingles. I am opting for the traditional, but this has given me much pause. Ever ounce of my fiber wants to be as kind to the environment as possible but sometimes my desires and budget are in conflict. It will only be when more people are actively purchasing eco-friendly products that the prices will be driven down. Currently, the rules of supply and demand have not devalued the cost of some of the sought after products by folks like me.

Every time a purchase is made here at Organic Comfort Zone I am grateful. I know that as Americans become more environmentally aware and purchase natural and organic American made products that the direct result will be lower prices. Every time an American made item is purchased, it helps to ensure an American job, which gives that worker more capital to put back into the economy. If everyone replacing their roofs this past year would have chosen to go green then my new green roof would have been affordable.

I do understand that my steps towards a greener world need to be small and very conscious and that at the least when I can; make the right choice. I need to constantly remind myself the going green is not a destination: it’s a journey and that I cannot expect myself or anyone else to become green overnight.