Green Living

Hampton Roads Sustainable Living Fair

Organic Comfort Zone, CozyPure® and Sunrise Solar and Wind joined forces this past weekend to exhibit their services and wares at the first ever Hampton Roads Sustainable Living Fair.

It was great meeting some of our local customers, as well as networking with fellow ecopreneurs from Hampton Roads.

Here’s some pics from

The Get Fresh Cafe from Five Points Farmer’s Market was onsite to offer everyone great local freshly prepared food. Mmm mmm good. Hans is still raving about the Brunswick Stew.

Speaking of which… if you’re from Hampton Roads and you need a break from cooking… then you MUST visit the Farmer’s Market on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday because they have their yummy freshly cooked dinner specials at a crazy price!


You really can’t beat such a great price for a healthy dinner out. Fill your belly then go home to your bedroom to relax in your CozyPure® bedroom for a wonderful night’s sleep. You don’t need an expensive week-long spa-retreat to feel healthy and energized. Good local organic food and good local organic bedding can produce the same benefits EVERY NIGHT throughout the year.


Above: Our owner, Cheryl Hahn chats with Deborah Tabor of The PetWay while she enjoys some time relaxing on our comfortable CozyPure® organic mattress with a fluffy organic wool comforter and La’Noodle pillows.

– posted by Hans