Happy Earth Day!

Well, it’s our special day… That is, all us folk involved with making the world a bit more eco-friendly. I never would have thought during my childhood that we would actually need such a day to think about our environment. A recent survey in Mother Jones magazine cites that kids today are more afraid of global warming than of terrorism. For the heck of it, I asked my 13 yr old daughter and she confirmed the answer. I was pretty shocked actually. Yes people, it’s time for us to be accountable for our actions and consumer purchasing is a HUGE part of the American lifestyle.

My last post talks about our “stuff” and how we need to start thinking how it’s made and where it ends up. So listen up: Forget styrofoam disposables that don’t biodegrade, stop using dangerous toxic household cleaners, ditch your incandescent lighting for CF’s, buy a car with good gas mileage (or vegetable oil consumption, even better), if possible go solar or wind for power, buy products made from renewable resources, recycle (it’s an insult to your intelligence if you don’t), reduce your consumption and purchase quality products that last, reuse and donate your items to local thrift stores or charities.

For the month of April all items in our store will be reduced by 20% OFF. Our website was unable to issue a “storewide” discount, so you’ll have to call for this offer 800.229.7571. Just mention the bloggin’ 20% discount and you’ll be good to go. We understand that many eco-friendly and organic items are usually more costly, and this is our way of celebrating Earth Day and thanking all of you for being mindful of your consumer consumption.

Happy Earth Day everyone!
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