Natural Bedroom

How Safe Is Your Mattress?

We don’t use PBDE’s or other chemicals, so. . . you may wonder how we can offer these chemical-free mattresses without comprising fire safety, and that’s definitely something you need to consider when purchasing a mattress free of chemical flame retardants. We can’t speak for every natural mattress manufacturer, but in our case, we’ve carefully designed our mattresses using our CozyPure wool, layered or quilted in the correct areas, so our beds have passed the requirements to meet California’s stringent TB603 “Open-Flame” law, passed in 2005. Even though this is not a federal law, it is only a matter of time before the nation adopts the same requirements, so we feel we’re ahead of the game. Some people are foolish enough to believe that since they don’t smoke in bed, it doesn’t matter if their bed is protected with fire retardants. The truth is, most fires don’t start from burning cigarettes anymore; the more likely source is small open flame fires — cooking, heating, or accidents with matches or candles. If the fire starts in (or moves to) the bedroom, the mattress is one of the most vulnerable items to catch fire. Synthetic mattresses, treated with fire-retardant chemicals, will burn slowly, however the fumes are highly toxic and extremely dangerous, plus the intense melting can cause severe burns. Natural mattresses that are not properly constructed with wool or treated with fire-retardant chemicals, will easily ignite. On the other hand, a natural mattress like CozyPure, manufactured correctly to utilize the right amount of wool, in specific areas of the bed, will burn slowly without combustion, melting, or toxic fumes. So, be sure your natural mattress is constructed properly, and the manufacturer has tested for flammability — play it safe!