Natural Fibers for Comfort

There is probably nothing that compares to the beauty of natural fibers: Flax Linen, Hemp, Bamboo, Tencel, Wool, Cotton… of course, organic cotton is even better given a choice. It can actually be quite difficult to find clothing and bedding made from 100% natural fibers. These days, most items are produced using synthetic materials, or at the very least, a synthetic blend. Since natural fibers have the ability to breathe, they tend to be more comfortable. Synthetic materials are derived from petrochemicals, such as coal, and often leave you feeling clammy and uncomfortable (not to mention the static cling). Since our family wears mostly natural fibers, I don’t have the need for those static cling sheets anymore! Fabrics made from synthetic material also trap sweat which make a perfect breeding ground for bacteria, such as body odor. Speaking of bacteria, it’s very important to wear cotton underwear, and if you can, upgrade to organic cotton which has no chemical residues or finishing agents. Just as important as underwear, our bedrooms should not be overlooked. Choose natural fibers for this room, whenever possible. This is the retreat we go to every night to refuel and energize our bodies for the day ahead. It should be an oasis of comfort and health, and once again natural fibers reign supreme. We loose a pint of moisture every night and a conventional mattress made of foam and dacron will absorb that moisture like a sponge (which is great if you like dust mites). Natural fibers such as organic cotton ticking and wool batting will allow the bed to breathe, so moisture is evaporated. They’re also healthier since they don’t outgas dangerous chemicals like formaldehyde or PBDE’s. There is a wonderful peace-of-mind knowing your bedroom is clean, safe and healthy. That thought alone makes it easier to drift into a restful night’s sleep.