Sleep Clean. Eat Clean.

And with the obesity epidemic in the country, a lot of attention is paid to eating healthier and ridding the body of harmful and potentially unhealthy ingredients in our food. The importance of the food we eat is critical. It’s how we get the vitamins and minerals necessary to fuel our bodies. We eat grass-fed meats without antibiotics. We eat high nutrient foods like seeds, vegetables, fruits, beans and nuts to ward-off disease, lose weight, and become healthier and stronger.


The other necessity of life we must have is SLEEP. Every living thing needs it.

A good night’s sleep is so important and vital to our health and well-being. Our healing and recovery. Our vitality and energy. Our restoration and rejuvenation. All this repair of both your body and mind takes place during that night-time shut-eye we call sleep.


Quality deep-sleep
requires optimum comfort which includes temperature regulation, proper support and pressure relief. Restorative healing-sleep requires an environment free of harmful toxins because our bodies shut-down and we’re vulnerable to dermal and airborne elements from the synthetic compounds which outgas and decompose in the bedroom.

WHAT INGREDIENTS ARE IN YOUR BED? Because the bedding industry is basically unregulated in regards to the components inside, you should become familiar with potentially harmful chemicals that make up many of the materials you’re sleeping on. With a little research by any consumer, it’s easy to draw the parallel that the chemicals and proprietary formulas being buried in our sleep surfaces is not too different from the additives and preservatives many food companies are being pressured into removing from their products.
We love reading articles by Vani Hari, otherwise known as the Food Babe. She writes investigative reports about conventional foods, how they’re processed with wicked ingredients, as well as the marketing of “fake” healthy food. So many of her posts about hidden and potentially dangerous ingredients are strikingly similar to the bedding industry – everything from the processing, to the chemicals, to the marketing.

“Why are we willing to accept poisons and harmful chemicals in our bedding, when we are actively rejecting harmful ingredients in our food?”

Perhaps with something as basic as our bedding, we often fall into the old assumption that if it’s for sale, it must be safe. But we are a more informed consumer, with more information and options available to us than ever before. What’s true of our food, should be true of our bedding too. After all, our bedding is one of the most intimate products we use every day! (see Cheryl’s post from 2009)

That’s why here at CozyPure® we liken ourselves to a “Farm to Table” eatery by presenting ourselves as a “Farm to Bed” workshop serving-up handmade organic mattresses and bedding… using only farm fresh ingredients. And we make everything to order, right here in Norfolk, Virginia, USA.

bed-materialsFARM FRESH INGREDIENTS: Organic Cotton, Wool and Milk from the Rubber Tree

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