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  • What’s Inside Your Pillow?

    What’s Inside Your Pillow?

    Many times customers call to compare our pillows to what they think are similar products which they’ve purchased in the past from other companies. According to our customers the products aren’t as comfortable as they hoped and they worry that our pillow will be the same. Organic Comfort Zone believes in being honest with our…

  • Ralph Nader Takes Home CozyPure Pillow

    Ralph Nader Takes Home CozyPure Pillow

    Ralph Nader is a consumer advocate, author and lawyer, with more than 40 years at the forefront of progressive movements. He was the keynote speaker at DC Greenfest and stopped by our booth – and he’s now a proud OWNER of our CozyPure LaNoodle Pillow. When Ralph visited our booth, along with Denise Hamler of…