The 11th Hour: Why are we waiting?

Drought. Famine. Severe flooding. Record rainfall. Hurricanes. Acid rain. The highest average temperatures in recorded history. Catastrophe is reported on the nightly news as isolated incidents. But are these incidents isolated, or pieces of a larger global puzzle that could unlock humanity’s future? Are these changes to the earth permanent? Or are they puzzle pieces that, if connected, reveal a larger story that needs to be told; a human story that takes into account who we are and the state of our relationship to this planet, our only home. We are in an environmental age whether we like it or not.

  • “everybody making a change adds up to something meaningful”
  • “this generation gets to completely change this world”
  • The movie, “The 11th Hour”, directed and narrated by Leonardo DeCaprio, is now playing in theaters, and tells a story many of us know. Yet many of us still ignore. Go see it, and take a friend who is an unaware bear.

    How does this fit into “organic comfort”? Well… I’m pretty sure I read somewhere that Leonardo has an organic mattress. And although we have quite a few celebrity customers, I’m sad to say, I don’t believe Leonardo is one of them. ;-( But no matter, he stands-up for a great cause, just like we do, so we are united in a the same mission…. to lessen our destructiion on the environment. And that means better health (and comfort) for all of us! Live well and choose well. Why wait until the 11th hour?