The Comforter – “Mary’s” Story

I spoke with a young lady a few days ago that made me stop and think about my spending habits. She had visited Organic Comfort Zone about a year before and fallen in love with our Amaizing Wool Comforters. She explained that even though she loved our cuddly product and all of the wonderful virtues of the organic components used; she opted for a less expensive synthetic comforter from a department store.

It took less than a week of sleeping under her comforter before she realized her mistake. Every night when she looked at her comforter, she didn’t think about the pretty patterns and colors, she didn’t think about how much money she had saved; all she could think about was the lack of natural and organic elements; the lack of handcrafted tufting and old-world classic design. She told me her remorse was reinforced nightly when she overheated under her polyester covering as she remembered that one of the many benefits of a CozyPure® Amaizing Wool Comforter was that it was temperature regulating, which would help her rest more comfortably without constant “heat-flash” disruptions.

In essence, this charming lady, in an attempt for be frugal and thrifty, had wasted her money on a comforter that was designed for ornamental qualities rather than function. The comforter which she purchased was intended to be used a few seasons and then discarded, unlike the CozyPure® Amaizing Wool Comforter which is created to last generations.

Most of us can relate to what it was like sleeping under a synthetic comforter and how much of a difference it makes to snuggle up with a natural wool all-season comforter. We have all learned how much we can save by buying quality products rather than something that needs to be disposed of in a short period of time. Those of us with allergies have also realized the health benefits of sleeping with natural wool which is mold, mildew and dust mite resistant, rather than with chemically saturated allergen traps.

Her lesson in quality versus frugality should be applied to all aspects of life; quality and substance isn’t cheap, but compared to the amount of benefits – quality is always the best bargain! In fact, in this young lady’s case, the bargain was no bargain because she placed the synthetic comforter in the guest room, and ultimately purchased a CozyPure® wool comforter for her own bed.