A Doggone Broken Leg

Sometimes we get a call that makes us put on our thinking caps! The Dorias had a “comfort problem” and consider CozyPure to be an authority on the subject. Their two year old son had broken his femur and was finding comfort on mom and dad’s king size LaNoodle pillow but needed something better suited for him. They were initially thinking that a bean bag chair full of LaNoodles may be the answer. However, we had tried this out before and it just would take WAY too many LaNoodles to have it stand up correctly. Cheryl Hahn, owner of CozyPure, quickly suggested the large Orthopedic Latex Pet Bed as an alternative. Inside is filled with 100% resilient latex foam noodles (no polyester), for superior support while also delivering cushioned softness for ideal comfort. Covered in organic cotton twill (various colors available), it is safe and all-natural and just the right size for a little guy.  Mrs. Doria welcomed our suggestion wanting Hunter to be as comfortable as possible while wearing a cast.  We shipped it out right away and it was a hit!

I thought having a running around toddler was a hand full but wouldn’t you know a stationary one was two hand fulls

Hunter Doria recovering on a CozyPure pet bed
Hunter Doria recovering on a CozyPure pet bed

. -Mrs. Doria

Mrs. Doria emailed us a report after Hunter’s cast was removed, “My husband likes using the pillow at night to lay on the floor and read.  Thank you for the suggestion and this “dog bed” is now a pillow for hanging out spot, yoga spot, reading and a cozy spot. Actually we call it “the spot”. It fits under our couch so I can put it away. Thanks again love you guys!   -The Dorias”

We would like to thank the Dorias for trusting CozyPure to provide comfort for their child and for sharing their story!  Do you have a CozyPure success story that you would like to share?  Share it HERE!