A Sleeping Prince found dreaming green on our organic mattress

About a week ago, a woman came to our retail shop with her son to look at our Cozypure® organic mattresses. It would be her second CozyPure® mattress purchased from Organic Comfort Zone in less than a year and she wanted some time to consider the selection.

Cheryl took the lady into the organic mattress showroom, closed the blinds and turned on some soft meditative music – she closed the doors and left the shopper alone.


When selecting a new sleep system, we encourage folks to take their time to ensure that they are getting a mattress that is the most comfortable to them, so it’s not uncommon for visitors to spend an hour or more relined on various mattresses.

After about 45 minutes, the lady emerged from the showroom with her decision. She spoke softly and explained that shortly after she went into the showroom, her young son had climbed onto the CozyPure® Haven organic mattress and fallen fast asleep. I glanced around the corner and saw her young son all snuggled up, safely and comfortably sleeping. He was sleeping as securely as if he was at home in his own familiar bed. It made me smile that people can come into Organic Comfort Zone and feel so relaxed that they can quickly drift into slumber. It let’s us know that we have not only created an extremely comfortable mattress, but also an environment that is conducive for organic sleep system shoppers; a stress free, cozy, homelike space.

Organic Comfort Zone is casual, comfortable and pressure free. We invite you to stop by anytime and visit us. We’d love to meet you face to face and have the opportunity to show off our wonderful selection of organic and natural products and if you fall asleep, we won’t be offended – it’s always taken as a compliment!