American Made, Organic Eco-Vegan Mattress Sale Extended

With growing economic concerns here in the United States, many of us are forced into rethinking our purchases in order to protect our standard of living, which by all accounts, seems to be slipping downward.

American made still means quality; it still makes economic sense to purchase home-grown products. It’s good for America and good for our way of life.

The problem many of us face if finding “real” American made products. Even when we assume our purchases are made in the USA, many of the components used in the assembling of an item were either grown or manufactured in a different country. It is in fact harder to regulate the quality and safeness of imported items and we are finding more and more cost cutting “risks” being taken by foreign countries in order to insure lower prices to consumers.

Proudly, here at Organic Comfort Zone / CozyPure®, our products are American made with top quality and craftsmanship. Our 100% organic cotton is grown in America; our wool comes from American raised sheep. Money spent on our products stays in the American economy, therefore, not only is the consumer investing in fine merchandise that is designed to last, but they are also investing in the American economy.

Most of the products created here at Organic Comfort Zone/ CozyPure® are lovingly crafted less than thirty steps from where I am seated. Quality is intended with every stitch, but we don’t stop there. We are always listening to you. Your input is important to us when designing or redesigning our products. As a matter of fact, our new Eco-Vegan mattress was a result of customer request.

Even though our sheep are raised with humane and loving care, some of our customers have requested mattresses without any animal byproducts. We heard their needs and desires and after nearly a year of research and design, we introduced our new line of organic Eco-Vegan mattresses! As an introduction, we priced the Eco-Vegan line at sale prices that cultivated a huge response and have decided to extend the sale into April.

If you are looking for a healthy, durable, American made organic mattress at a great price, then consider our new Eco-Vegan mattresses; good for you, good for the planet and easy on your wallet!