Americans Spend 26 Years of Their Life Asleep

Think about this for a moment: the average American will spend about 26 years of their life asleep – that’s 227,760 hours! The quality of those sleeping hours can have a profound effect on one’s life. Sleep, nutrition, fresh air and proper exercise are the foundation of a good life; without these key ingredients, we become slothish and generally unhealthy. By contrast, good sleep allows us to be alert, healthy and much happier; our lives become enhanced and more fulfilled. Our academic, social, family and work accomplishments expand in direct correlation to our sleep quality, yet most Americans give too little consideration to their sleep environment.

Have you ever wondered what you are sleeping on? What’s underneath the fabric surrounding your mattress? Who designed your mattress? Who built it and where was your mattress made? What possible chemicals are seeping out and just as important; what’s living inside your mattress?

Chances are, if you are like most Americans, you are sleeping on a mattress made from twisted, springy wires that have been covered in petroleum based foam and then tightly wrapped in a nylon covering that has been saturated with fire retardant chemicals.

So what’s wrong with that?

– Wires and springs do not give the body the even and natural support it requires, they can also cause blood flow restrictions, cause us to sleep restlessly and they simply wear out after a few years of use.

– Traditional petroleum based mattress off gas and can harbor mold, mildew and dust mites.

– Nylon and chemical fire retardants can off gas and be absorbed in threw our skin and respiratory system.

What’s the solution?

– For safe, even, comfortable and healthy sleep, the best option is a natural, organic latex mattress. Natural latex comes from the rubber tree and is dust mite, mold and mildew resistant. If the organic mattress is manufactured by a reputable American company such as CozyPure® or Organic Mattress Factory, then you can be assured top quality components were used and fine craftsmanship was of utmost importance.

– Wool or a vegetable based batting is used as a fire retardant instead of harsh chemicals, preventing potentially harmful off gassing, while wicking away the moisture we secrete during our sleep, helping to keep us dry and comfortable throughout the night.

– The added bonus to a natural latex mattress, is that is not only is it healthy for you, but a quality organic mattress will last 20 years or more – that compares to the 5-7 year life expectancy of a traditional mattress.

Sleep is one of the most important aspects of life; poor or inadequate sleep can have life threatening consequences. At the very least, poor sleep will diminish your quality of life. Buying a good organic mattress could possibly be the greatest investment in your health that you will ever make.

CozyPure® mattresses are manufactured right here at the Organic Mattress Factory using only the finest components available. Once you have placed your order, we get right to work on constructing your new organic mattress with loving care and your new sleep system is ready to leave our facility in about 5 days. You will be sleeping soundly and safely on your new bed in about a week to ten days and not have to worry about replacement for 20 years or more!

If you have been considering purchasing an organic mattress, this may be the best time to make that purchase; just in time for the end of summer and the beginning of fall and cooler weather. Imagine being all cuddled up in your new CozyPure® bed before your busy holiday season begins! This is the perfect time to remake your bedrooms into fresh, safe organic sleep sanctuaries.