An Organic Mattress Leaves a Legacy of Love

Try to imagine the World in fifty years from now – or even a hundred years in the future. The vision could be bleak or wonderful depending on the choices we make today. Our legacy may be a lush green, welcoming Earth or a place where life can barely survive. The choices we make today may have irreversible consequences on life as we know it. Your purchase, consumption and disposal selections are critical.

One of the largest, most consuming landfill items is a traditional mattress. The average mattress is designed to last only 5 – 7 years and then be placed on the curb for garbage collection. Alarmingly, Americans throw away approximately 20 million mattresses every year. Think about the mountains of waste created by old mattresses.

There are alternatives to making our Planet a giant mattress dump. Some communities actually are in the early phases of creating mattress recycle programs, where the fabrics, springs and wood are all separated and disposed of with greater kindness to the environment.

A better option for the environment than even recycling a short lived tradition mattress is to invest in a quality organic mattress that is designed from the beginning from renewable, sustainable, earth friendly components. Not only is an quality organic mattress intended to last for 20 years or more, it also has much less impact on the Earth and can be recycled with greater ease. When you combine the environmental benefits with the health advantages of a natural / organic mattress, then the intelligent choice is clear; organic mattresses are by far the better choice for both the immediate and distant future.


Shown here: CozyPure® Organic Futon from the PurElegance Collection

The Organic Mattress Factory begins with pure, fresh, natural, organic, sustainable components and skillfully handcrafts each mattress with loving care; knowing that the finish product will be designed with future generations in mind. The entire line of CozyPure® mattresses and natural bedding merchandise has been refined into not only one of the best, safest and beautiful sleep systems in the World, but it is also a great bargain when factoring in it’s longevity. Whether it’s the CozyPure® PureElegance or the Eco-V collection of organic mattresses or any of the CozyPure® bedding products; they are designed to last into what we all hope will be a green and beautiful future for generations to come.