Natural Bedroom

Customers Say it Best

Genuinely, I enjoy our customers. Because of the intimate relationship people have with their mattresses and with organics, they tend to be more open; often there is an exchange of ideas and philosophy. Our customers generally are knowledgeable; they have done much research before deciding on purchasing their new organic CozyPure® mattress; it’s quite the compliment. Better yet, is after having a few conversations with a customer; they decide to come visit us here at Organic Comfort Zone.

For people who do not understand the importance of a mattress, traveling a great distance in order to select the perfect mattress might seem odd, but when you factor in the amount of time that you will be spending directly on your new mattress it makes sense. Combine the wonderful tactile sensations you will experience when laying on our selection of CozyPure® mattresses in our beautiful showroom with a weekend in our wonderful scenic and historic area and every time you look at your new organic mattress you will smile.

Below is a letter to Cheryl from a customer that decided to make the journey here. They spent most of the day with us; had lunch on the beach and delighted us with their charm, knowledge and curiosity.

“Dear Cheryl,

The Embrace and the Topper took the 10-day journey well, and since their arrival on the 30th of July, we’ve been enjoying the feel and have had a wonderfully restful sleep on the Embrace. On the first post-arrival morning Mike responded to my “How do you like it?” with, “I’ve had a lovely sleep.” This Embrace is cuddly, yielding yet supportive, the perfect bed for our sensitive backs. The Topper also has a luxurious, comforting feel–thank you so much for using 6% wool.

All good things are worth the wait! That is the way we feel after a few detours on our journey to the dream bed. You’ve been so professional, kind and understanding, making this adventure less taxing and stressful than would have been the case with any other bed manufacturer or retailer. What we like about your company is that in addition to the excellent quality you strive for, you have such intimate knowledge of materials and manufacturing processes. We also love the fabric you use; the pattern is gorgeous. In fact, everything you put into the product shows your careful attention to detail.

We are so glad that we made the decision to travel to Norfolk to actually “experience” the Embrace. We enjoyed having a very informative and constructive conversation with you, Rex, and Hans, about our needs. You told us many times that you want happy customers; we can assure you we are two very happy customers.

Please send your store and factory crews our warmest regards.