Cut & Sew Expansion is Underway for EcoAveUsa and CozyPure Organic Bedding

cut & sew small sergerDebi with organic apparel

Tomorrow we’ll have a demo crew on-site to tear down walls and expand our cut & sew department. We’re taking out the full size kitchen since no one uses it anyway. It’s funny because originally we were so excited to have this huge kitchen, complete with oven, wrap-around counters and cabinets, etc. Heck, we cook at home so it’s the last thing we want to do at work. The only thing we do use is our energy-efficient Vestfrost refrigerator, which we’ll move to the main office area.

So, today we pack and wrap everything tight, then hang heavy plastic drapes to keep the demo area isolated. We’ll be getting some new sewing machines in next week too, and we’re all excited. It’s great to have our own local cut & sews, both on-site and a few off-site, so we can continue to offer our “Made in the USA” organic comfort zone products. The expansion will serve us well for textile storage, but more importantly it will allow for a larger cutting table, which will be SO helpful when producing our organic bedding items.

Thank you all for your continued support of both organic textiles and made in the USA products.

prewash area